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The Blue Pearl
a.k.a. Blue Dot, Blue Sphere, Blue Disk, Blue Angel, Blue Flash, Blue Trails
… the Blue Pearl [is] the subtlest covering of the individual soul....
When we see this tiny blue light in meditation,
we should understand that we are seeing the form of the inner Self.
To experience this is the goal of human life.
[The Blue Pearl] is tiny, but it contains all the different planes of existence.
- Swami Muktananda (1)

Several years ago in a cosmology class we were discussing the subject of lights in the head. Seeing light in the head is not new to meditators or people who are clairvoyant. People report seeing white lights and some report seeing blue lights. I’m in the group that sees the blue lights!
Once I could name the experience of seeing the blue light, I started to notice when it came. It would come of its own accord. One doesn't invoke it. The blue sphere appears both in my head and with my eyes open. Sometimes it will come when I’m meditating or working in a group situation like a healing gathering. Other times it will flash in my consciousness or field of vision for no seemingly apparent reason. One never knows when the Blue Dot will come or whether it will appear to be inside or outside the head.
Now that I’ve been working with it for some cycles, I see the Blue Dot as an affirmation of a truth and that something spiritually significant has happened, or that I’m on target with my thinking.
A few times when the Blue Dot has come up in conversation, I’ve discovered that other people also see it. Once when I was meditating about a person’s new business enterprise, the Blue Dot flashed. I thought it was a wonderful sign that she was blessed in her venture. When I told her about my experience, I learned that she too sees the blue sphere and has come to call it the Blue Angel.
The first place I discovered any in-depth discussion of the Blue Pearl is in the Siddha Yoga literature. Swami Muktananda (1908–1982), the great Indian saint who introduced Siddha Yoga practices and meditation techniques to the United Sates, gives a detailed description of the significance and of his experiences of the Blue Pearl. At one point he described how it expanded in front of him, engulfed him and carried him to other worlds. He was very clear that it was a good thing and a sign of awakened Kundalini. Muktananda referred to the Blue Pearl as a physical manifestation of the soul. He said that seeing it in meditation is like seeing the soul.

"Death" is simply the name we give to the
departure of the Blue Pearl from the body.
In his book Does Death Really Exist? Muktananda says,
The blue dot, which we call the Blue Pearl, dwells in the sahasrara, the spiritual center in the crown of the head. It is the body of the Self. All consciousness is contained in it. All of the dynamism of the breathing process comes from the Blue Pearl. When that light enters the body, the rhythm of breathing begins. When it departs from the body, consciousness departs from the bloodstream, the nerves and the lungs, leaving everything limp and lifeless. "Death" is simply the name we give to the departure of the Blue Pearl from the body. (2)
The book goes on to say that one can see the Blue Dot leave the body at death, and where it exits, according to scriptures, indicates the state of the person's experience. If the soul leaves through the eyes, one has been very virtuous.
The Tibetan master Djwhal Khul, speaking through Alice A. Bailey’s volumes on the ageless wisdom teachings, also makes reference to the “Blue Disk” in four specific places ~ each time in the context of a meditation visualization exercise.
Within the darkness of the soul, prisoned within the form, a point of light is seen. Then there arises, all around that point, a field of deepest blue and this becomes irradiated by the soul, the inner sun, shining within a brilliant field of blue. The points of light become the many lines or rays of light; these lines then merge and blend until the lighted Way appears. One is the light, the light upon the Way. One is the Way and always walks thereon. (3)         
D.K. tells us about the point of dark blue, or a small indigo disk, which appears: “This is, in reality, the exit in the head through which the soul passes out of the world of phenomenal existence, and it is the symbol of the path or the door into the kingdom of God.“ (4)
Celebrated thirteenth century Indian Mystic-Poet-Yogi Jnaneshwar Maharaj (1271–1293) says the Blue Color is a great and holy pilgrimage center. "This radiant and scintillating and sublime Blue Color can be seen directly in meditation. If we want to see such a great and wonderful thing, our way of life and our habits must be the purest and the most holy. Then only we become worthy of it. Our association, our words, and our thoughts should be full of God. He who has seen the Blue Color is the most blessed of all human beings."

Carl Sagan refers to the earth as the Pale Blue Dot in his book of the same name. From space, astronauts are awed by the sight of the earth, a blue pearl hovering against the blackness of the universe.
When you look at the Earth from space it looks like a beautiful blue dot, which is rather interesting if you consider the correlation of the Blue Pearl representing the Self and the Earth also.

Since we put up the Blue Pearl pages in March 2004, we’ve received lots of emails from people all over the world who have seen and experienced some form of lights around them. Whether they are in your head or seen floating above or around you, or come at a significant time in your experience, what we’ve learned is that seeing these lights is a phenomenon shared by many. As a result of these emails, we’ve been inspired to further investigate the Blue Dot. It’s amazing how influential blue is in our world!
- Blue Dottie

Sirius, The God*Dog Star
The effect of Sirian energy and influences generated approximately 17 years ago, in 1993 / 1994 (the last cycle when Sirius A and B were closest), have created renewed interest in this most influential heavenly body. The history books and religions of the world have had much to say about the God / Dog star. This article reflects on our ancestors' beliefs and inspired insights into a great mystery ~ the mystery of the Dog Star and its influences on our little corner of the universe.
Sirius was an object of wonder and veneration to all ancient peoples throughout human history. In the ancient Vedas this star was known as the Chieftain's star; in other Hindu writings, it is referred to as Sukra, the Rain God, or Rain Star. The Dog Star is also described as "he who awakens the gods of the air, and summons them to their office of bringing the rain."
By the ancient Egyptians, Sirius was revered as the Nile Star, or Star of Isis. Its annual appearance just before dawn at the June 21 solstice, heralded the coming rise of the Nile, upon which Egyptian agriculture depended. This particular helical rising is referred to in many temple inscriptions, wherein the star is known as the Divine Sepat, identified as the soul of Isis.
For example, in the temple of Isis-Hathor at Dedendrah, Egypt, appears the inscription, "Her majesty Isis shines into the temple on New Year's Day, and she mingles her light with that of her father on the horizon." The Arabic word Al Shi'ra resembles the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian names suggesting a common origin in Sanskrit, in which the name Surya, the Sun God, simply means the "shining one."
For up to 35 days before and 35 days after our sun conjuncts the star Sirius ~ close to July 4 ~ it is hidden by the sun’s glare. The ancient Egyptians refused to bury their dead during the 70 days Sirius was hidden from view because it was believed Sirius was the doorway to the afterlife, and the doorway was thought to be closed during this yearly period.
In mythology the dog Sirius is one of the watchmen of the Heavens, fixed in one place at the bridge of the Milky Way, keeping guard over the abyss into incarnation. Its namesake the Dog Star is a symbol of power, will and steadfastness of purpose, exemplifying the initiate who has succeeded in bridging the lower and higher consciousness.
Located just below the Dog Star is the constellation called Argo, the Ship. Astrologically this region in the sky has been known as the River of Stars, gateway to the ocean of higher consciousness.
The Chinese recognized this area as the bridge between heaven and hell ~ the bridge of the gatherer, the judge. In the higher mind are gathered the results of the experiences of the personality.
Between each life the Soul judges its past progress, and also the conditions needed to aid its future growth. As long as it is attached to desire, sensation, and needs experiences, the Soul continues to come into incarnation. Until it is perfected, the Soul cannot pass over, or through, the Bridge.
The association of Sirius as a celestial dog has been consistent throughout the classical world; even in remote China, the star was identified as a heavenly wolf. In ancient Chaldea (present day Iraq) the star was known as the "Dog Star that Leads," or it was called the "Star of the Dog." In Assyria, it was said to be the "Dog of the Sun." In still older Akkadia, it was named the "Dog Star of the Sun."
In Greek times Aratus referred to Canis Major as the guard dog of Orion, following on the heels of its master and standing on its hind legs with alpha star Sirius carried in its jaws. The concept of the mind slaying the real can be seen in the tales which relate the dog as the hunter and killer ~ the hound from hell.
Manilius called Canis Major the "dog with the blazing face." Also called the Large Dog, Sirius appears to cross the sky in pursuit of the Hare, represented by the constellation Lepus under Orion's feet.
Mythologists such as Eratosthenes said that the constellation represents Laelaps, a dog so swift that no prey could escape it. Laelaps had a long list of owners. One story says it is the dog given by Zeus to Europa, whose son Minos, King of Crete, passed it on to Procris, daughter of Cephalus. The dog was presented to Procris along with a javelin that could never miss. Ironically, Cephalus accidentally killed her while out hunting with Laelaps.
Cephalus inherited the dog and took it with him to Thebes, north of Athens, where a vicious fox was ravaging the countryside. The fox was so swift that it was destined never to be caught ~ yet Laelaps the hound was destined to catch whatever it pursued.
Off they went, almost faster than the eye could follow, the inescapable dog in pursuit of the uncatchable fox. At one moment the dog would seem to have its prey within grasp, but could only close its jaws on thin air as the fox raced ahead of it again. There could be no resolution of such a paradox, so Zeus turned them both to stone and placed the dog in the sky without the fox.
In the Chinese tradition, there is a remarkable analogy in the double meaning of the word Spirit and the word Sing (star). Shin and Sing, the Chinese words for soul and essence, are often interchangeable, as they are in the English language.
It is said that the fixed stars, and their domain, contain the essences or souls of matter ... a living soul is a higher essence of matter, and when evolved may also be called a star. These stars and essences become gods.
Like souls, stars are regarded as having divine attributes. Stars look down from regions of chaotic, violent, purity onto the world of humanity and influence the energies of humankind invisibly, yet most powerfully.

In June of 1993, as our sun covered Sirius from the Earth's view, the largest flood of the past century occurred. The waters of the Mississippi, our Nile River, overflowed its banks. The flood that year continued until the middle of August. When Sirius re-appeared from behind the sun, the flood waters receded and the immediate life-threatening crisis subsided. Could this have been a reflection of the great rivers of energies streaming out from Sirius?
Our Spiritual Sun~SiriusMore esoteric sharing on Sirius
A Leonid Meteor shower around the constellation Canis Major, the big dog, shows the trail of a spectacular fireball meteor appearing to leap from the constellation's brightest star Sirius, near the top right. Photo by Wally Pacholka
Brilliantly blazing, the star Sirius, brightest beacon in our night sky, beckons with glimpses of grandeur unimaginable. Small wonder this star was granted God / Goddess status amongst many early peoples, including the Egyptians and Sumerians. As modern astronomy unlocks our starry neighbors' secrets, evidence unfolds of the appropriateness of naming this star God.
As we learn more about the nature of our galaxy and especially its magnetic field, we know that streams of energy from stars travel in specific directions, either up or down the galactic arm in which they are embedded. Stars are polarized to other stars, either negative and positive, some receiving energy, some sending it out, all of which travels on the path of the magnetic field lines.
Recent findings reveal we are "downstream" from Sirius in the part of the galactic arm our solar system resides in. If God is the bringer of life (energy) and light, Sirius fits the description ~ it transmits its energy (highly charged particles) to our entire system via the magnetic field lines. We literally receive energy from Sirius! Did the ancient priests understand this process, thus naming this star "God"?
Now our sun obviously deserves the title of "light bearer" and "life bringer," as no life could exist in the solar system without its sustaining rays. But even the majestic sun pales in comparison to the nearby Sirian star system. We know of two stars there, and perhaps a third, although this remains unverified (see Sirius ~ A Triple Star System). The largest, the one we see as the brightest star in all the heavens, is Sirius A, outshining our sun 10 times over with only the mass of three suns. Sirius B, a white dwarf star invisible to the naked eye, packs almost the entire mass of our sun into a globe only four times as large as the Earth.
White dwarf stars are extremely dense ~ in fact, Sirius B's surface is 300 times harder than diamonds, while its interior has a density 3000 times that of diamonds. Spinning on its axis about 23 times a minute, it generates huge magnetic fields around it. The two stars dance around each other, constantly exchanging particles. Because of its greater density and magnetic field, Sirius B takes the lion's share, actually vampirizing gases and materials off of its larger host body, Sirius A. Clearly a spectacular star system giving off enormous amounts of energy, our sun appears puny and insignificant in comparison.
Even during normal phases of its life, a tremendous amount of electrical energy is created on Sirius, making it the most energized, "positive" point in our little corner of space. Now this might seem like nothing more than a minor curiosity, but these are not ordinary times. Every 49.9 years, the two stars in the system, Sirius A and B, come as close together as their orbits allow, creating huge magnetic storms between them. As they approach each other, the stars both begin to spin faster as tidal forces become stronger, finally flip-flopping over, actually trading places with each other. Imagine a gigantic electrical turbine engine twisting and spinning, generating billions and billions of volts of electricity. This energy is eventually released to flow down the magnetic field lines to the sun, which transmits it like a lens to all the planets.
What does this mean to life on Earth? The previous time it occurred, in 1944, humanity was locked in the greatest conflict ever seen in history, World War II. It happened most recently almost 50 years later, in June, 1993.
The Tibetan master Djwhal Khul, author of the Alice Bailey books, taught in the early 20th century about the effects of the Sirian system on our world. When asked what forces were responsible for the world crisis during World War II, he listed as the number one cause "a welling up of magnetic force on Sirius, which produces effects upon our solar system and particularly upon our Earth." He proclaimed the Sirian energies stimulated both the best and the worst in humanity, as depicted in the global conflict. Does this man share the same insights as the ancient priests of Egypt and Sumeria?
The concept of Sirius playing a God-like role to our world is not a new one. The Dogon, the African tribe who have worshipped the invisible star Sirius B for thousands of years, claim visitations from beings of the Sirian system. In their religious dogma, they acknowledge the star as "immensely heavy, invisible, very small, yet extremely powerful." Their understanding of the two stars' orbits coincides exactly with modern astronomical findings, yet was arrived at thousands of years before the equipment needed for such measurements even existed. Their ability to recognize the awesome power of Sirius B, a star that can't even be seen, is truly remarkable. (For further reading on this subject, try Robert Temple's The Sirius Mystery.)
Sirius, considered by the ancient Egyptians to be the most important star in the sky, was astronomically the foundation of their entire religious system. Its celestial movements determined the Egyptian calendar ... Sirius's heliacal rising (when Sirius again rose into visibility after being hidden by the sun's light for 70 days) marked the beginning of the Egyptian year and roughly coincided with the flooding of the Nile ~ major events marked by feasting and celebration.
In the Sumerian civilization, predating the Egyptians, their epic poem Epic of Gilgamesh describes a dream of Gilgamesh where the hero is drawn irresistibly to a "heavy star" that cannot be lifted despite immense effort. This star descends from heaven to him and is described as having a very "potent essence" and being the "God of heaven." Gilgamesh had, for his companions, 50 oarsmen in the great ship Argo (this constellation borders Canis Major, where Sirius is found). These elements comprise almost a complete description of Sirius B: a super-heavy gravitationally powerful star made of concentrated super-dense matter (essence) with the number 50 associated with it (describing its orbital period).

Earth Changes
What will occur when our solar system receives more electrical energy than usual? Let's pretend the Earth is a spinning top and see what happens when an electrical current or "wind" moves across it. Naturally, the top speeds up ~ modern science verifies the speed of the Earth's rotation varies with an all-time high speed of 19 hour days being recorded in rocks 3.5 million years ago. That's alarmingly fast. What happens to a sphere that spins faster? The poles begin to flatten while the middle bulges out at the equator. This action stretches the oceans causing submerged land masses to rise above sea level.
Spinning also causes an extreme wobble of the Earth's axis to occur, with the globe sometimes actually falling over onto its side. Scientists know this has happened to the Earth at least nine times when it hast tilted up to 51 degrees (our axial tilt now is at 23 degrees). When this occurs, the land at the equator moves up to where the north pole is now, which explains why Alaska has fossils of alligators. Each time the Earth speeds up, it must slow down again due to the drag from the Moon, bringing about additional geophysical upheaval.
Djwhal Khul further notes that certain basic changes in the orientation of the Earth's axis are now taking place ... and periods of upheaval, confusion and cataclysm always precede these great shifts in the planet's axis. He also divulges the planet is in process of taking an initiation, marked by the great event of an axis shift as the Earth literally "repolarises" itself. His prediction of "increased earthquake and volcanic activity during the last decade of the millennium" has been confirmed by world seismologists today.
Seismic activity has indeed picked up dramatically in the last three to four years. California scientists state "more earthquakes are now seen in specific areas (L.A., for instance) than ever previously recorded." Many volcanic eruptions have also occurred in this same time period with Mt. St. Helens leading the fray with its 1988 eruption, Mt. Fuji's recent expulsions and of course, Mt. Penatubo's contribution.

Sirius is also associated with liberation; in fact, according to ancient teachings, the very concept of freedom itself resides in human consciousness because of the influence of this star system. Interestingly enough, the time each year our sun conjuncts Sirius at 14 degrees Cancer is close to July 4, America's Independence Day. Bastille Day, the French equivalent of Independence Day is July 14, and Canada celebrates its independence from England on July 1; Dominion Day. Venezuela's Independence Day is observed July 5, while Argentina's is celebrated on July 9. And noting, Iraq's Freedom Day, when the new Coalition government took control, happened on June 28, 2004 (two days earlier than it had been announced).
In 1993–1994, as the "great conjunction" of Sirius A and B approached, a wave of freedom swept our world culminating in the breakdown of the communist rule in Europe and the liberation of the Russian people from the hard-line Communist party. The Berlin Wall fell as the cold war ended ... these events transpired simultaneously with the magnetic forces building to their highest intensity on Sirius. Is there a connection? Perhaps.
Conditions on our world may not become as dramatic as previously described; nevertheless, certain major adjustments are likely to occur. Aurorae may be everywhere as the incoming particles bombard our atmosphere. So much additional electrical current may be moving through our own geomagnetic field, touching anything may result in large electrical shocks. Medical research shows increased emotional and mental imbalances during magnetic storms on Earth created by solar flare activity on the sun. (See Robert Becker's Cross Currents.)
Because the sun is likely to speed up its rotational spin as well, its magnetic field will enlarge leading to heightened sunspot activity which in turn creates large solar flares, affecting world weather patterns and probably all phases of life on Earth. We no longer have the protection of the Van Allen belt (part of the Earth's magnetic field) like we used to. For the first time in history, we'll receive Sirian energies without its deflecting mechanism.

Whatever the future holds for us, it feels safe to venture that great change is imminent for our world and civilization. Those looking for peace and security may have a difficult time finding it, externally, at least. Look within for that unfailing point of balance and stability. It has never felt like a finer time to realign with spirit, soul, higher self ... in that pinnacle of peace, comfort lies.
A new picture of the universe is emerging, one of a vast cosmic interdependence and connectedness. From first cosmos to last electron, the whole universe is a complex of coils within coils, spirals within spirals, magnetic fields within magnetic fields. The stars are interconnected to each other, exchanging particles and gases constantly, all flowing down the magnetic field lines or arteries of the galactic body. Scientists now feel it’s very likely the galaxy's coiled field lines diverge into intergalactic space where they may ultimately be connected to other galaxies. Are these tendrils of energy the nervous system of the galaxy, relaying information from star to star, galaxy to galaxy, on and on? One can only wonder.
- Denise St. Denis

Conjuntion with our spiritual sun

Every year on July 4, from our earth's position, our sun conjuncts the star Sirius. Sirius is associated with liberation. According to ancient teachings, the very concept of freedom itself resides in human consciousness because of the influence of this star system. Interestingly enough, our sun conjuncts Sirius, at 14 degrees Cancer, at July 4, America's Independence Day! And Bastille Day, the French Independence Day, is July 14.
As the most recent "great conjunction" of Sirius A and B occurred around 1993, a wave of freedom was sweeping our world that culminated in the breakdown of the communist rule in Europe and the liberation of the Russian people from the hard-line Communist party. The Berlin Wall fell as the cold war finally ended ... these events transpired simultaneously with the magnetic forces building to their highest intensity on Sirius. Is there a connection? Perhaps.
Heliacal Rising of Sirius
The conjunction of Sirius and the Sun does not occur at the same time in all latitudes, and is not constant in the same region for a long period, hence the variation in calendars regarding the limits of the Dog Days. Some say the period of the dog days lasts 20 days before and after the conjunction of Sirius and the Sun.
In 2011 in the Pacific Time Zone, Sirius rises before the Sun on the last day of July, but remains hidden in its glare. When Sirius rises above the eastern horizon at an altitude of 7 degrees it can be seen. This heliacal rising of Sirius occurs August 7, 2011 in San Francisco.
... the heliacal rising: the first visible, though brief, appearance of a star on the eastern horizon before sunrise. On the previous morning, sunlight made the star invisible. When the rising of a star is spoken of, it is usually the heliacal rising that is meant. In ancient Egypt, the helical rising of Sirius coincided with the annual rising of the Nile at Memphis. Index to Time and Calendars / Rising and Setting of Stars
Sirius at an altitude of less 7 degrees [above the horizon] is hidden from our view by the Sun’s light. Heliacal Rising & Setting of Sirius
The heliacal setting of Sirius (last visible setting of Sirius) in San Francisco occurred May 23, 2011 hence, Sirius is hidden from view for 75 days in San Francisco during 2011.
On the first day of Sirius' reappearance the ancient Egyptians expected an abundant harvest, if the star appeared bright and clear. If Sirius appeared dull and red, a poor harvest would result. What color will Sirius be at its reappearance this year? When will you first see Sirius in the morning sky? Let me know!

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CIA Allegedly Transferred STAR GATE To Spy Agency

The Crushing Silence: Where are the aliens?

To the Moon and Back, With Love

CIA Consultant Ingo Swann's Extraterrestrial Alien Encounters

Government consultant Ingo Swann's tale of covert extraterrestrial activity on the moon takes on a new twist, now that the CIA STAR GATE documents support many of his claims.

Axelrod warned, "I feel obliged to tell you that she is really dangerous."



Is there some THING on the Moon?

Astronaut Ed Mitchell Says Aliens Walk Among Us (Maybe)  

An American Moonwalker answers questions about high strangeness on the lunar surface, and beyond.
By GARY S BEKKUM, Futurist, STARstream Research

June 28, 2011
This page was last updated 07/13/2011 04:09:59 PM -0000
( -- In 1971, Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell walked on the Moon.

Mitchell is one of only twelve humans to have explored the lunar surface.

Recently, I contacted Dr. Mitchell by email, after reading about the forthcoming fictionalized lunar mission film 'Apollo 18' -- "there's a reason we've never gone back to the moon" -- concerning what he may or may not know about an alleged alien presence.

(Meanwhile, questions have been raised about when 'Apollo 18' will be landing in theaters. Currently the film is said to be on schedule for a September 2, 2011 release date.)

Are there extraterrestrial aliens based on the Moon? And how much does NASA, or anyone else in the US government, know?

The source of the 'aliens on the moon' story worked with the CIA and later held a TOP SECRET clearance for his contribution to a clandestine effort to obtain intelligence using "unusual sources and methods."

According to this source, Ingo Swann, there is something very strange happening on the far side of the Moon.

In his out-of-print book Penetration, Swann related how, in 1975, he was recruited by an ultra-secret black-ops group interested in special observations of specific lunar coordinates.

When Swann checked the coordinates, he was shocked to see humanoid beings and artificial constructions on the lunar surface, all bathed in an eerie green fog.

Ingo Swann was recruited by American intelligence services -- we have US government files which confirm this -- to use his extraordinary human skills to psychically penetrate targets outside of the range of conventional observation.

The problem with Swann's far-out story is that the 'observations' were made with his mind's eye.

Swann was America's best psychic spy, following the untimely death of Pat Price, another star in CIA's covert program to use paranormal phenomena for remote viewing of intelligence targets.

As for the alleged black ops interested in lunar interlopers? Even Swann does not know -- or at the least, he isn't telling.

So when I contacted astronaut Mitchell, I naturally inquired if he knew anything about visitors inhabiting our nearest neighbor in space, noting that Kit Green, a former CIA analyst who consults to the US Defense Intelligence Agency on emerging technology threats, had come forward about government contact with alleged extraterrestrial biological entities (see Mark Pilkington's book Mirage Men and my own Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape for further information on the alleged alien presence).

"Gary, glad to exchange with you on these issues. I don't know that I have perfect answers, but I do have some, " Mitchell replied. He did seem quite skeptical about Ingo Swann's 'remote viewed' alien presence.

"Very suspicious of Ingo's claims about black ops and aliens on the moon," wrote Mitchell, who then added, "It is certainly possible and even likely that ETs have had operations on and around the moon, but nothing that we (NASA astronauts) have seen and reported."

This was not exactly what lunar conspiracy theorists wanted to hear, but at least Mitchell left the door open for otherworldly possibilities.

During the Apollo 14 mission to the Moon, Mitchell conducted unauthorized ESP tests. Later he founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences to explore the nature of human consciousness. He has also reported on very strange, seemingly psychokinetic events in his book, The Way of the Explorer, so I asked if he was aware of recent revelations that former NSA Senior Official Thomas Drake had been experimenting with Chris Robinson, a psychic spy from England.

Mitchell replied that he was unaware of Drake's involvement in the psychic spy business, but then he threw me a curve ball.

"I know of quite a few credible stories of ET communication with earthlings."

Were some of our fellow space travelers on this island Earth tapped into the cosmic version of Facebook, I wondered? Ingo Swann had more or less suggested this possibility in his book back in 1998, when he noted the lunar alien presence seemed to use a kind of "telepathy plus" version of mental communication.

I knew from US government files that in the 1990s, elements within the Department of Defense were exploring the possibility of using telepathy for battlefield communications. A source to Jon Ronson for his book The Men Who Stare at Goats had relayed the same story.

Another astronaut, the late Gordon Cooper, also related stories of an associate who had "telepathic" contact with sources from beyond the Earth. Cooper allegedly provided technical information concerning space shuttle design flaws sourced from a telepathic alien contact.

I wondered if Mitchell suspected a covert extraterrestrial alien presence among us.

"I suspect they are walking among us," wrote Mitchell, "-- highbreds possibly [sic]  -- and certainly panspermia is [a] plausible hypothesis."

Mitchell wasn't the only connected person suggesting that aliens walk among us. During his encounter with the black ops lunar explorers, Ingo Swann had an encounter with a beautiful woman in a Los Angeles supermarket, while being watched by two of the black ops operatives. The circumstances led Swann to conclude that he had an encounter of the close kind. But do aliens wear halter tops, mini-skirts, and platforms?

Maybe they did in the 1970s.

Or perhaps Swann had been "spooked" by intelligence operatives who wanted to test his response to unusual circumstances.

Ultimately, according to Swann, they took him to Alaska to eye-witness an unidentified laser-firing drone that mysteriously appeared from a mist over a lake.

So where does this leave all of the conspiracy advocates who swear there is a government cover-up?

Mitchell suggested the conspiracy was real, but was not based in any official government institution.

"I question 'government secrecy', but believe Eisenhower's warning about the 'military industrial complex' is more to the point," Mitchell wrote to me, "There seemingly is a global cabal trying to keep the wraps on the ET presence for their own reasons (profit?), but it is starting to unravel and will likely come apart before long."

A global cabal? Secretly receiving their instructions by telepathic messages from the great beyond?

And what of the story of telepathic contact at space entrepreneur Bob Bigelow's Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, where a physicist was allegedly held captive in a telepathic trance by unknown intelligent entities?

Perhaps the answer would be found in the alleged NSA paranormal program. One NSA source, allegedly working within the project, claimed that NSA operatives had been blocked in their effort by extraterrestrial interference from an unknown source.

Will we ever know the truth? Is the truth really "out there" or is the truth already too far-out for the rest of us to fathom?

Official Ladakh base

Aliens Presence in Himalayas, both India and China know it
India was startled by four reports which appeared to confirm the rumors of a large underground base staffed by extraterrestrials in the Ladakh region of the Himalayas.
In New Delhi, India’s capital, a senior officer of the Indian Army told freelance journalist Subha Jain that aliens were indeed in the Himalayas. In Bangalore, a recently-retired officer of the Indian Air Force described the underground base to his youngest son’s elementary school class and said aliens had met with high-ranking officials of India’s government.
In Leh, a city in the Ladakh region, a local official confirmed that the Indian Army had moved armored brigades into the area and was limiting access to civilian residents and tourists.
In Joshimath, another Ladakh town, workers at an auto repair shop claim they witnessed a strange broadcast on their Chinese-made miniature black-and-white television set.
“According to Subha Jain, a freelance reporter in New Delhi, she bumped into a very senior military official in a nightclub in New Delhi. According to him, the extraterrestrials have been visiting India and the rest of the world for thousands of years.”
“In recent years, most of the super-powers have been visited. India is no exception.” “‘They always make contact through the ground radar stations run by the military,’ she says.” “The Himalayas and Ladakh is where they have made their most recent contact. They want to let Indians know the rules and regulations of the multidimensional universe.”
“India is planning an unmanned moon and later an advanced unmanned Mars expedition. India’s Space Research Organization (SRO) has been given the galactic do’s and don’ts.”
“Last week, a flight commodore of the Indian Air Force (IAF), who recently retired, was asked to provide a little talk to his youngest son’s class at a school in Bangalore.”
“Guess what he picked as a topic? Yes, you got it right. It was the advanced landing base for UFOs in Ladakh.”
“He started by saying new technology is evolving, and new advancements are being made in Aerospace. The students started questioning him on different aspects of these new technologies and where this technology came from. At that moment, he began giving a vivid description of the landing base.”
“Surrounded by two of the world’s highest mountain ranges, the Himalayas and the Karakorams, the region lies athwart two others–the Ladakh range and the Lanskar range. Residents live at altitudes ranging from 2,750 meters (9,000 feet) at Kargil to 7,672 meters (25,170 feet) at Saser Kangri in the Karakorams. In summer, temperatures rarely exceed 27 degrees Celsius, while in winter they plummet to minus 20 degrees Celsius, even in Leh.”
“In Leh, Ladakh (region), according to Tsering Spalzang, a senior official, paranormal activities are happening with regard to the buildup of the Indian Army” in the region.
“These are zones that the Indian Army and Indian Air Force block for security reasons. The Ladakh valley has been heavily secured by the Indian government.
It is a ‘sensitive area’ and no one is allowed to enter from either the Indian side or the Chinese side.”
“According to some in New Delhi, UFOs have made contact with high-ranking officials of the Indian government. The government was initially baffled, not knowing how to react. Later, things became quiet, and it seems that everyone understands that the extraterrestrials are friendly.”

Magnetic Hill is a gravity hill located near Leh in Ladakh, India.

Magnetic Hill is a gravity hill located near Leh in Ladakh, India. The hill is alleged to have magnetic properties strong enough to pull cars uphill and force passing aircraft to increase their altitude in order to escape magnetic interference; in reality, the effect is an optical illusion created by the gravity hill.
The “magnetic hill” is located on the Leh-Kargil-Batalik national highway, about 50 km from Leh, at a height of 14,000 feet above sea level. On its eastern side, flows the Indus, which originates in Tibet and goes to Pakistan. The Indian Army maintains a sikh Gurudwara near the hill where Guru Nanak Dev, meditated in the 16th century.[citation needed] Due to both the Gurudwara and the gravity hill, the area has become a popular sightseeing destination.

India's top secret wepon kali 5000 makes fear in all countries

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Terra Prime Resistance is just the right etymology for what we have to do in general--till it is over....
Our grand plan and their end game....

Sorry to quote the Hamas...
persistent resistance and faith is all that we have---
if it is correctly remembered...
well something close to it---

Aurion Mission.

The Yellow book--- a crystal rectangular slab

The "Yellow Book" and Universe explained
(16 June 2008) Release 29



Date: Thu, Aug 9, 2007, 7:53 a.m.


Subject: "The YELLOW BOOK" and "The RED BOOK"  

From "Project SERPO" POSTING #19:

The "YELLOW BOOK" - The "Yellow Book" or "Bible" is the alien's
history of our universe written by the aliens themselves as well as
their interactions and involvement with Earth's development/evolution.
It was brought to Earth and presented to the U.S. government at the
famous Holloman AFB landing in April 1964 by female Ebe #2 which was
also translated by her.  

"The RED BOOK" - "The Red Book" is an extremely thick, very detailed
account summary written and compiled by the U.S. government on UFO
investigations  dating from 1947 to the present day.  This
orange-brownish book is updated every five (5) years and also contains
some cross-over information from "The Yellow Book."   

"Project SERPO" - Steven Spielberg's 1977 film, "Close Encounters of
the Third Kind" is based on the famous Holloman landing as well as the
human-ET exchange depicted at the very end with 10 (ten) men and two (2)
women who are shown embarking on the alien spacecraft. 

"The YELLOW BOOK" was provided by the Ebens. It ISN'T exactly a
"book." It is a block of material, approximately 2 1/2 inches thick and
transparent in nature and appearance. The reader looks at the
transparent surface and suddenly words and pictures appear. It is an
endless series of historical stories and photographs of our universe,
the Eben planet and their former homeworld, and other interesting
stories about the universe. It also contains a historical narrative
and various accounts about Earth's history and distant past. 

To this day, I am one of the very few people who has actually SEEN and
READ "The YELLOW BOOK." I can assure you that Robert Collins has not
ever seen, viewed nor read any part of it. His name does NOT appear on
the "Briefing Control Access Roster."  As has been commented on by
others, it would take a lifetime to read it and another lifetime to
understand it.

1) Reference "The YELLOW BOOK": It is an 8 x 11 inch object and
approximately 2 1/2 inches thick that is constructed of a clear, heavy
fiberglass-type material. The border of the book is a bright yellow,
hence "The YELLOW BOOK."

When you place the book close to your eyes, you will begin seeing words
and images flashing before you. Depending on the particular language you
are thinking, that particular language will appear. So far, the USG has
identified 80 different languages.

Pictures also appear. "The YELLOW BOOK" tells the story of the Ebens'
lives, their exploration of the universe, their planet, their societal
life and other aspects, including the Eben's longtime relationship with
Earth. It tells of their first visit to Earth about 2,000 years ago. It
displays Earth as it was in those days. It also shows an Eben, who took
the appearance of an Earth Human [Jesus Christ].

According to "The YELLOW BOOK," this Earth Human established religion on
Earth [Christianity] and posted the first ALIEN AMBASSADOR on Earth.

"The YELLOW BOOK" goes on and on and on and on.... I've spent 12 hours a
day for three (3) consecutive days and still NEVER reached the end. I
don't think anyone knows how long it goes on or that there is any way to
find the "end" of the book.

There is NO known end to "The YELLOW BOOK." I understand the record is
about 22 straight hours, which was done by the President's Scientific
Adviser under the XXXXX administration. Also, there is NO known way to
stop reading in one particular place, put down "The YELLOW BOOK" and
then resume at the same place. Once you put down "The YELLOW BOOK" and
pick it up again later, the book starts from the beginning. Although the
book can somehow determine the language of the person who is reading, it
canNOT determine the uniqueness of that person.

In other words, the "problem" with "reading" "The YELLOW BOOK" is that
one must start all over from the very beginning once you put it down. If
it took you 12 hours to reach p. 564 [events] and then you put it down,
you would have to start all over at the very first words and images
displayed during your first read, and only once you passed the 12-hour
mark would NEW information you had not seen in the previous sitting
would now appear. 

As I wrote earlier, "The YELLOW BOOK" goes back to around 2,000 years.
However, I have NOT viewed the entire "YELLOW BOOK" and don't think
anyone else has either. It may have some views/images/history that go
back even farther than 2,000 years B.C.  

2) Reference our UNIVERSE from "The YELLOW BOOK": As for the universe,
according to the Ebens, the universe was created in a split second,
similar to our "Big Bang Theory," and expands over a period of billions
of years. The Ebens don't refer to "years" as our years. They speak of
time, but in terms of an "event clock," so to help us better understand,
the Ebens detail our years as a point of reference.

According to the Ebens, our universe EXPANDS for about 25 billion years.
It then contracts back to its beginning shape. Once the universe
considered and referred to as "The Life Span of the Universe" by the
Ebens ["Inflation" Theory].  

"The RED BOOK" was written by the U.S. Government. It contains volumes
of information we have gathered regarding our contacts with
Extraterrestrial Life Forms. The first volume begins in 1947. The
last volume was started in 2005. The information you published in SERPO
Posting #19 regarding these books was factually correct.

In the e-mails you forwarded to me, what Robert Collins claims about
"The RED BOOK" being updated continuously or when needed is somewhat
true, but needs to be placed in proper context. 

What actually occurs is that as UFO reports come in deemed credible by
the reporting government agency -- be it military or civilian -- they
are routed to a special section of our government for a follow-up
analysis. After that vetting process is completed, they are then sent to
a special group ["XXXXX-6"] which then places it into final review for
POSSIBLE inclusion into "The RED BOOK." 

Victor, I know all of this because you see, I have served as the editor
for several editions of "The RED BOOK" and have written and delivered
the Executive Summary for several sitting U.S. presidents, so I KNOW of
what I speak.   

And when I say "editor," it is NOT in the sense of the word you are
familiar with. I do not correct nor review any of the hundreds -- if not
thousands -- of reports which are distilled into the final 5-year report
for grammar and punctuation as you've done with the "Project SERPO"

I only present and include the most important, compelling cases into
"The RED BOOK" which includes an analysis by me and others of any
trends, types of sightings, human contacts with the ETEs and any
national security concerns our government or planet might have. My part
is to write the The Executive Summary and present it to the current
sitting president of the United States. 

If there was a national security matter that presented itself, that
5-year published review of "The RED BOOK" would be interrupted, but that
has been unnecessary as we have a good relationship with our Visitors.

On another point, you asked if the Bush administration claims of
stopping post-9/11 terrorist attacks was true.

What I can definitively tell you is that since 2001, based on the NSA
surveillance program, our government has successfully stopped 16 planned
terrorist attacks aimed at the USA. Every single plan was initiated
from an overseas location.





[CR = Crystal Rectangle, Eben alien energy device]

[NTS = Nevada Test Site]

1) U.S. Secret Production of Pentagen (Hydrogen-5).

A. Tritium is made by capturing neutrons in helium gas. To supply the
neutrons, protons are energized in a linear accelerator and used to
bombard a heavy-metal target made of tungsten and lead, creating
neutrons in a process known as spallation. The resulting neutrons are
moderated (slowed) by collisions with lead and water, increasing the
efficiency of their capture in helium gas flowing through the target to
make tritium. The tritium is extracted from the gas continuously,
providing supply to the stockpile.

B. While making Tritium, U.S. researchers found that another isotope
quickly vanished in the process. In fact, several isotopes were
discovered that bounced off the tungsten metal. U.S. researchers began a
program that attempted to capture these elusive isotopes. One secret
facility was built on the Nevada Test Site. This facility was called,
"The Lance."

The cover for this facility was that it contained an experimental
chemical production accelerator. A Tritium production facility contained
an Injector, Accelerator, Tritium Production and Tritium Separation
facilities. "The Lance"  contained an Injector, Accelerator, Containment
building, Collection Apparatus and a Storage Vessel.

C. The MAKING of PENTAGEN. Although the exact details of this is highly
classified, a rough explanation is stated below.

1) The INJECTOR: The process starts with the injector. A high energy
beam is directed at hydrogen atoms and accelerating them to form a
proton beam. This beam differs from the tritium beam in that instead of
a low energy beam, this beam is a high energy beam, enhanced with a
Chemical Laser booster.

2) The ACCELERATOR: The protons are accelerated by mixing a Carbon atom
and Nitrogen-13 isotope. This creates two carbon atoms, positron and a
neutrino. The B13 isotopes fuses to form a high energy booster (gamma).

3) The CONTAINMENT BUILDING: The Containment Building was built to house
the Injector and Accelerator. This building actually contains an
underground tunnel that leads from the Accelerator Facility to the
Containment Building. Because of the fusion and radiation involved in
the accelerator process, the Containment Building had to be over 1
Kilometer away. The exact reason for this is not known. The Accelerator
beam is directed from the Accelerator facility to the Containment
Building (tunnel).

4) The COLLECTION APPARATUS: This facility contains a complex series of
filters, which contains chemicals and other classified items. It is
believed to be similar to the tritium spallation process, however, there
are several different steps involved. The injection port contains "leak
valves," which contains a flow meter that measures the leakage of
Pentagen from this port. The leaking Pentagen is collected. Polonium is
used in this process, however the exact method is not known. Argon gas
is also used in one of the filtering systems. One filter contains Zinc
lined vessels that are charged with electrons.

5) The STORAGE VESSEL: This storage vessel is where the Pentagen is
finally collected and stored. The interior of the Vessel is lined with
an alloy of Beryllium. The Vessel contains several complex "collection"
tubes that collects, cools and stores the Pentagen during the final
production process. The final product is collected in liquid helium,
which is charged with gamma radiation.  As of September 2002, the U.S.
has collected 53.5 picocuries of Pentagen per liter of Helium. Once the
Pentagen is needed, there is a process by which the Pentagen is
extracted from the Helium. This process is CLASSIFIED.

D. "The Lance" is jointly operated by scientists from Los Alamos,
Brookhaven, Livermore, Sandia, and Savannah River Plant. A company by
the name of General Atomics built "The Lance."  Eagle Systems is also a
prime contractor.

E. According to one source, a "Visitor" explained how Pentagen was made.
But since the "Visitor" was explaining a system we could not fully
understand, our scientists took bits and pieces of the information and
started experiments. The U.S. first experimented with Pentagen
processing in 1977 at Los Alamos.

F. Pentagen is the fifth isotope of Hydrogen. It is radioactive with a
half life of .34222 seconds. However, with a complex containment and
storage system, Pentagen can be collected for an extended period of
time. Somehow, U.S. scientists found that Pentagen is produced naturally
on the Planet Mercury. Pentagen vapors can be detected in the lower
atmosphere of Mercury. In 2006, NASA plans on sending a probe to Mercury
in an effort to collect Pentagen. Los Alamos has a secret project
called, "Pindall," which will build a special collection method for the
space probe.

G. Pentagen is the substance that aggravates the energy process inside
the CR. Pentagen inside the CR is not radioactive and will not decay.

H. There is also an experiment using Pentagen to enhance energy output
inside Electrical Transformers. Sandia Laboratory is currently
conducting this experiment. The experiment is being conducted in Tech
Area III.

I. The director of "The Lance," is Philip Conklin, a Department of
Energy Scientist.

J. "The Lance" will be expanded in 2008, which will include two
additional structures that will house "new technology" in the production
of Pentagen.

K. It is believed that MIT and The University of Miami has experimented
with the collection of Hydrogen-5 by using a Chlorofluorocarbon system
of collecting the Hydrogen-5. However, according to DOE, this method
does not work!

L. Hydrogen-4, which was also collected, was shown to be too unstable to
capture and retain for any extended period.

M. "The Lance" is manned by 62 scientists and technicians.

(Crystal Rectangle - Energy Source)

A. Since 1956, many experiments were conducted using the CR. Most of the
experiments were conducted by Los Alamos or a contractor for the
Department of Energy. Remember that the CR was described as follows:

The dimensions were 26cm x 17cm x  2.5cm. The CR weighs 728 grams. There
is a possibility that "two" CR exists. One that weighed 668 grams and
one that weighed 728 grams. There was a notation in a classified
document that read:  PVEED-1  [Particle Vacuum Enhanced Energy Device].
This would indicate that there is a PVEED-2!  Scientists do not refer to
the CR as a CR but as a PVEED, or "The Magic Cube."

B. Remember the small dot that moved around the inside when an energy
demand was placed on the CR?  Our  scientists have discovered the
substance contained in the dot. The dot was found to be a perfectly
rounded particle of charged (?) antimatter. Our scientists still don't
understand how this piece of antimatter can remain stable until it is
"tasked" with movement. They still don't understand once a demand is
made to the CR, that the antimatter starts its movement and creates

C. Our scientists have found the CR is made of an unknown material with
several unknown elements which have been  detected. One of the materials
is similar to carbon, but not exactly like carbon as we know it. Another
substance is similar to zinc, but not the same consistency of zinc.

D. Our scientists cannot explain the action of the antimatter and the
actions of neutrons that are created and then disappear when the demand
is lifted.

E. Our scientists cannot explain why the constant temperature of the CR
is 72 degrees. Even when heat is directed on the CR, the temperature
remains at 72 degrees. How this occurs cannot be explained.

F. Some scientists think the CR is operated remotely, perhaps by an
unknown satellite in Earth's orbit. However, even [when] shielded, the
CR operates normally.

G. When an energy demand is placed on the CR, it creates a signal, that
can be measured at 23.450 MHZ. However, when increased demand is placed
on the CR the frequency is modulated from 23.450 MHZ to 46.900 MHZ or
double the original frequency. However, when the demand is reduced, the
frequency drops to 1.25 KHZ, which is a constant frequency when no
demand is placed on the CR.   Regardless of what power demand is placed
on the CR, the frequency NEVER  raises to more than 46.900 MHZ!

H. Remember the small set of squares which contained horizontal wires?
The wires were determined to be similar to tungsten. The wires somehow
conduct  the energy by bouncing the neutrons off these wires back into
the fluid. The small dot bounces against the wire when energy demand is
placed on the CR. Remember, only certain wires would react or expand
when energy demand was placed on the CR. Scientists think that,
depending on the demand, only certain wires would expand. Somehow, the
energy output would be controlled by the amount of squares used.

I. The U.S. Government duplicate of the CR. The USG made one in 2001
that actually worked ... for a short period of time. The operation was
EXTREMELY  CLASSIFIED and the device blew up at the Nevada Test Site,
injuring two (2) employees.

J. The timeline for the CR is as follows:

1) 1947: CR found in the second crash site.

2) 1949: Los Alamos scientists first conducted experiments with CR. At
this time, no one knew what it was. Some scientists thought it was just
a window.

3) 1954: Sandia Labs conducted several experiments with the CR, but
still didn't know its actual use.

4) 1955: CR was lent to Westinghouse for experiments.

5) 1958: CR was lent to Corning Glass in an effort to determine its
construction material.

6) 1962: CR's first "official" test conducted at Los Alamos and
published in a classified report.

7) 1970: CR was determined to be more than a window. The CR was found to
fit into a space on the spacecraft. Scientists determined CR was some
sort of energy device.

8) 1978: CR determined to be a high powered energy device that provided
electrical power to the spacecraft.

9) 1982: CR was first tested and produced energy.

10) 1987: CR was given to E-Systems for extensive testing.

11) 1990: CR was proven to be an UNLIMITED POWER SYSTEM. The
construction and contents of the CR was learned. However, no one knew
just how it worked.

12) 1998: CR project, "The Magic Cube" was started in an effort to
accelerate the knowledge of the device.

13) 2001: CR project, "The Magic Cube" was transferred from Los Alamos'
Futures Division to its "Special Projects ^ Section K" division.

K. Currently [as of September 2002], the CR is contained at the Section
K division facilities, Los Alamos.


A. Based on "Project Gleam" (will be discussed later), the U.S. can
communicate with our "Visitors."  The communication system is a complex,
highly classified series of relay stations and satellites. The
communication system is entitled, "Echelon."  It is run by the Defense
Communication Agency, and NOT the National Security Agency.

B. "The Visitors" have come to this planet or have provided direct
communication links to us on the following dates:

1) April 1964 - Socorro, NM.

2) April 1969 - White Sands, NM

3) April 1971 - White Sands, NM

4) April 1977 - White Sands, NM

5) November 1983 - Unknown location,  but believed to have been Kirtland

6 November 1990 - White Sands, NM

7) November 1997 - Nevada Test Site

8) November 1998 - Nevada Test Site

9) November 1998 - Nevada Test Site

10) November 1999 - Nevada Test Site

11) November 2001 - Nevada Test Site


November 2009 at the Nevada Test Site.


A. The following is a list of scientists/officials who have or had
access to "The Program"

Admiral Henry G. Chiles, USN/Ret, U.S. Naval Academy

Willard H. Miller, Ret USN Cmdr, E-Systems

Vic Alessi, U.S. Industry Coalition

Steve Chu, Department of Physics, Stanford, University

Charles B. Curtis, Nuclear Threat Initiative

Derrick J. Olterson, Department of Energy
Colena H. Besman, USAF

Shirley A. Jackson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Raymond Jeanloz, U of California at Berkeley

Paul Messina, CA Institute of Technology

Robert W. Noonan, Palisades Institute for Research Services

Christopher W. Mauche, Lawrence Livermore

Gerhard L. Weinberg, Scientific Research Agency

Harris Wesley, MIT

Earl Barnes, Institute for Technological Studies

James Sherley, MIT
Charles Yost, USAF
Alfred Hubbard, NSA
Albert Osterheld, EG&G
Konard L. Kahler, EG&G
Robert E. Miller, BDM

Jason D. Menzel, Northwestern University, Physics
Klaus Von Karman, Los Alamos
George Haufman, Los Alamos
Lyle Rossmart, Los Alamos
Richard Devitt, Los Alamos

Arthur Lundahl
Stanley Schneider
Robert Friend
Phillip Keaton
Richard Helms
Clyde Neiberheimer
Charles Sheldon
Leo Vrana
R.B. Willingham
Aronld White
Dr. Gerald Rothberg
James Garland
William Hipps
Curtis Lemay

Norris E. Bradbury, Jr, Los Alamos/DOE
Craig McPherson, DOE/EG&G
Dean L. Housman, Sandia
Charles A. Delormonte, Sandia
Jonathan K. Doty, Sandia
Barbara K. Shipman, White House Intelligence
Nicholas O. Bausmenta, MIT
Harold Zirin, Calif Institute of Tech

John Manley
MG K.D. Nichols
Albert Alexander
Norris E. Bradbury
T.B. Larkin
Edward Teller
Alvin Graves
William Webster
James McCormack
Carroll Tyler
James Russell
Samual Mickelson
Alvin Betts
Glenn T. Seaborg
Robert Oppenheimer
David Lilienthal
Daniel Gallery
Harold Harmon

5. Los Alamos "Project Gleam."

A. A highly classified project that deals with direct communication with
"The Visitors." New communication technology dealing with
multi-frequency sending units. Units direct multiple frequencies in a
particular direction. High speed sending system allows the beam to be
propelled at an enormous speed. Not too much more known about it. Los
Alamos and several contractors, including, EG&G, BDM, Motorola, Risburn
Corporation and Sandia, are [all] involved with this project. Facility
built at Site 40, Nevada Test Site.

One rumor (only rumor from my source) is that "The Visitors" provided us
with this technology. It enables us to communicate with "The Visitors"
in a speedier way, than in the past. Part of this program involves the
use of Chemical Lasers pushing the communication beam.

As it was explained to me (in layman's terms), several frequencies are
put together on a beam and propelled towards a target or receiver. The
receiver, then boosts the energy and re-sends the signal to another
point (relay?). Somehow, the Chemical Laser pushes the beam, thus
propelling it faster than normal.

B. More information on this project may be forthcoming NEXT year and
released via your [UFO Thread] list for posting on the Web

6. Technology transfer from Area 51 to Nevada Test Site [NTS].

A. The NTS was established in the early 1950s by the old Atomic Energy
Commission to conduct above ground nuclear tests. The test site consists
of 1,426 square miles of test space and a total of 5,470 square miles of
bombing and other testing ranges. NTS is divided into 30 AREAS, which
are then divided into UNITS.

Nuclear testing, both above and below ground, were conducted in eight of
the 30 areas. Mercury is the base camp for NTS. Mercury includes all the
support facilities to operate the NTS. Although, officially the
Department of Energy's contractor, Bethtel operates NTS; unofficially,
NTS is controlled by U.S. Army Support Group "Lima."  You won't find
"Lima" mentioned in any official U.S. Army publications or unit


The security for NTS is officially performed by Wackenhut Security
Services, a private Department of Energy Contractor. However, of the 185
Wachenhut security officers, 57 are actually commissioned Federal Agents
by the Department of Justice. An additional 80 U.S. military policemen
perform classified security protections on NTS. An additional 44 USAF
Security Police guard the Special Storage Facility (SST), located in
Area 6, Unit 23A. The SSF stores special stockpile weapons (nuclear

The existence of this SST is classified since the U.S. government won't
acknowledge it stores any more weapons than officially published under
the test ban treaties. The SST has approximately 300 nuclear weapons.
Next to this SST is another highly classified storage facility known as,
"Site K."  No one actually knows what is stored in "Site K," but some
believe it contains "Visitors gifts" to the U.S.!  Officially, NTS
advertises several facilities located on its property. One is the Device
Assembly Facility in Area 6, Unit 2A.

According to an official publication, this facility assembles nuclear
weapons prior to underground testing. Unofficially, this facility
conducts experiments on "Visitor Gifts."  Another facility contained on
NTS and officially named the "Big Explosive Experimental Facility,"
conducts simulations of explosions. Unofficially,  this facility houses
the underground entrance to Site U, which contains classified
underground testing facilities built in 1987. Sources reports Site U is
used to assemble Visitor's propulsion systems.

Although Bethtel operates the NTS, several other contractors have
buildings and conduct experiments on NTS. Amador Valley Operations, Los
Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, EG&G, Special Technical Laboratories, the U
of California, Special Physics Operational Laboratories, Sandia National
Laboratories, BDM Corporation, Motorola, Kyle-Witt Corporation, General
Motors Remote Research Facility, DRAC, CIA, NSA, USN, U.S. Army Special
Forces Training Center, USAF Scientific Evaluation Center, Defense
Communication Agency, Remote Operations Facilities, U.S. National
Reconnaissance Office, Advance Physics Laboratories, MIT, KENN
Corporation and General Dynamics.

B. VICTOR: Some important dates obtained by my sources that pertain to
UFOs and historical milestones.

1) 1957: First attempt to test Roswell capture craft's propulsion
system. Test was conducted in Area 8, Unit 3c.

2) 1961: First attempt to fly repaired Roswell craft in Area 29, unit

3) 1962: Radiation tests conducted on Roswell craft by Los Alamos in
Area 18, unit 3Z.

4) 1964: Explosion caused by experimental propulsion system placed in
Roswell craft, Area 7, unit 19S.

5) 1968: First successful flight of Roswell craft (with U.S. propulsion
system; old nuclear propulsion system) Area 29, unit 1B.

6) 1970: Explosion caused by "The Visitor's" propulsion system Area 25,
unit 8B.

7) 1970: EBE-2 set up home in Area 15, unit 11.

8) 1987: Construction began on a new underground testing facility in
Area 6, Area 12 and Area 26.

9) 1991: Construction began on additional testing facilities in Area 23
(Mercury), Area 14, Area 20 and Area 19. All support facilities used for
ALIEN RESEARCH FACILITY [ARF] and Defense Advance Research Agency

10) 1994: The first movement of Alien Research Facility [ARF] from Groom
Lake to Area 11.

11) 1996: President CLINTON visited ARF.

12) 1998: The movement of all ARF complete to NTS.

13) 2001: The testing of the new Visitor's  propulsion system begin.

14) 2002: Testing of "Project Gleam," "Project Delta," "Project Adam,"
"Project KRISPA" and "Project Orion."

15) 2004: The final movement of Groom Lake facilities to NTS is

16) 2006: The final movement of Papoose Lake facilities to NTS is

17) 2008: New construction of "The Visitors Landing Platform" [to be]
completed at Area 13 [with extra time allotted; this is all for the next
ALIEN VISITATION to the U.S. now scheduled for November, 2009 at The
Nevada Test Site].



a) Ebens [Planet SERPO, Reticulum]


b) Archquloids


c) Quadloids


d) Heplaloids


e) Trantaloids



A. "Project DELTA": A highly classified project to develop methods to
extract specific material from ALIEN SPACECRAFT. This project is
attempting to take materials from known ALIEN ARTIFACTS and determine
the exact make up of these materials.

B. "Project ADAM": A project that uses radiation/nuclear energy against
ALIEN  material to determine how the ALIEN material can absorb or repel

(VICTOR: I received an oral briefing on this and I'm not sure if they
are talking about "Adam" or "Atom," as the project name.)

C. "Project KRISPA": A highly classified project that is taking ALIEN
TECHNOLOGY and developing civilian applications. Not much else is known.

D. "Project ORION": This is the ALIEN PROPULSION SYSTEM testing project,
which I will discuss later.

E. "Project (unknown name): A highly classified project that involves
medical experiments using ALIEN TECHNOLOGY. This is being conducted both
at NTS, Armed Forces Institute of Technology and the U. of Miami Medical

F. "Project (unknown name): A highly  classified project that takes
ALIEN TECHNOLOGY and applies it to space travel. Little else is known.

G. "Project SIGMA:" An on going project that involves the studying of
ALIEN SPACECRAFT. This project moved from Groom Lake to NTS.

H. "Project NOMAD": A highly classified project to study ALIEN SPECIES.
Not much else is known.

I. "Project STARLIGHT": Little is known,  but it involves the study of


NSA/NASA both teamed up to develop new technologies to explore the
Universe. NSA/NASA have deployed the following deep space probes.

A. 1965: First Deep space probe, Code name: "Patty"

B. 1967: Second deep space probe, Code name: "Sween"

C. 1972: Third deep space probe, Code name: "Dakota"

D. 1978: Fourth deep space probe, Code name: was unknown

E. 1982: Fifth deep space probe, Code name: was unknown

F. 1983: Sixth deep space probe, Code name: was unknown

G. 1983: Seventh deep space probe, Code name: was unknown

H. 1983: Eighth deep space probe, Code name: "Moe"

I. 1985: Space probe launched on SS Mission 51-J, Code name: "Sting Ray"

(VICTOR: I'm not sure if this was an actual communication probe or some
other type of probe.)

J. 1988: Ninth deep space probe, Code name: "Amber Light"

K. 1988: Tenth deep space probe, Code name: "Sandal Slipper"

L. 1989: Eleventh deep space probe, Code name: "Cocker Peak"

M. 1992: Twelfth deep space probe, Code name: "Twinkle Eyes"

N. 1997: Thirteenth deep space probe, Code name: "Kite Tangle."

These probes were used to establish a communication link with the
ALIENS.  They formed a type of repeater system for the communications.
Not much else is known.

9) A new propulsion system is being developed at NTS. This system,
although highly classified, involves the actual use of ALIEN TECHNOLOGY
to be placed in U.S.-style aircraft. I will obtain more on this during
my next trip to NTS and for posting on your list.

More to come....


I) Supplementary, corroborating information on the alien energy device
[ED] or "Crystal Rectangle" aka "The Magic Cube," and H5/Pentagen can be
found in the UFO "underground" bestseller classic:

EXEMPT FROM DISCLOSURE ^ Capt Robert M Collins, Ret USAF, Peregrine
Communications, 2nd ed., May © 2006, ISBN# 0976642638, 192 pp. / READ:
pp.  159-168, "Alien Energy Device (ED), Code Named 'Crystal Rectangle'
and H5 Production"

Order the book from Amazon.


"The RED BOOK" ^ "The Red Book" is an extremely thick, very detailed
account summary written and compiled by the U.S. government on UFO
investigations  dating from 1947 to the present day.  This
orange-brownish book is updated every five (5) years and also contains
some cross-over information from "The Yellow Book."

The "YELLOW BOOK" ^ The "Yellow Book" or "Bible" is the alien's
history of our universe written by the aliens themselves as well as
their interactions and involvement with Earth's development/evolution.
It was brought to Earth and presented to the U.S. government at the
famous Holloman AFB landing in April 1964 by female Ebe #2 which was
also translated by her.

Steven Spielberg's 1977 film, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" is
based on the famous Holloman landing as well as the human-ET exchange
depicted at the very end with 10 (ten) men and two (2) women who are
shown embarking on the alien spacecraft.


In the Pentagen Document, there is a reference to the Defense Advance
Research Agency (DARA). Unless there are two agencies with similar
names, this may be a typo, sloppiness, or a variation or shorthand on
the current full and official name and acronym, which is:

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Reference:

Variants of the agency name and use of the DARA acronym appear at:

mentions "Defense Advance Research Agency (DARPA)" (? Discrepancy --
name and acronym do not match)

The Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is
attempting to create a low-cost space launch technology.  DARA hopes to
use a propulsion concept known as mass injection precompressor cooling
(MIPCC), as well as advances in rocket motors... (? Discrepancy -- two
acronyms for same agency?)

As for England military acronyms:

ST. LOUIS, Oct. 25, 1999 -- The Boeing Company has awarded a contract to
the United Kingdom's Defence Aviation Repair Agency (DARA) for
inspection and repair work on CH-47 Chinook helicopter transmissions in


According to, ECHELON is a highly secretive world-wide
signals intelligence and analysis network run by the UK-USA Community.
ECHELON can capture radio and satellite communications, telephone calls,
faxes and e-mails nearly anywhere in the world and includes computer
automated analysis and sorting of intercepts.

ECHELON is estimated to intercept up to 3 billion communications every
Some of the known or suspected ground stations belonging to or
participating in the ECHELON network include the following:

Fort Meade, Maryland, U.S. (headquarters of the NSA)

Geraldton (Western Australia, Australia)

Menwith Hill (Yorkshire, UK)
Misawa Air Base (Japan)
Morwenstow (Cornwall, UK)
Pine Gap (Northern Territory, Australia - close to Alice Springs)

Sabana Seca (Puerto Rico - U.S.)
Shoal Bay (Northern Territory, Australia)   Sugar Grove (West
Virginia, USA)
Yakima (Washington, U.S.)
Waihopai (New Zealand)
West Cape, Western Australia (Exmouth Gulf, Australia - U.S.)