Aurion Mission: Aug 7, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Antimatter Belt Detected Orbiting the Earth
Physicists Create a Hole In Time to Hide Events

Researchers at Cornell University have made an astounding leap forward in cloaking technology. While other teams have been working on what have been traditionally seen as “invisibility cloaks” – using meta-materials to hide an object from visible light — this team has been working on something a bit more ambitious: hiding an actual event in time.
Current work in developing invisibility cloaks tries to hide an object spatially.  Like a magician using a complex set of mirrors to hide his tricks, a invisibility cloak uses materials that change the shape of light so that it moves around an object, hiding it from view. What the researchers at Cornell are doing is similar: they’re taking advantage of the fact that, according to current theories in physics, time and space are equivalent – and instead of focusing on changing the shape of light, they’re focused on changing its time.
The researchers began their experiment by creating two time lenses. Unlike a normal lens, which compresses or changes the actual shape of a light wave through diffraction, a time lens magnifies or compresses the time of a light wave through dispersion.
The time lenses that were created for this experiment were split time lenses. Essentially, two halves of a lens were placed so that the points met in the middle. There was one split time lens on one side of the cloaked event and another split time lens on the other side. A laser was then passed through the first time lens. This dispersed the light around the events happening between the lenses. The light then passed through the second split time lens and returned to its original phase. So to an observer, it’s as though the events between the lenses never happened. (See the figure above for a visual about how this works.)
Now, this “hole in time” was only created for the briefest of instants – about 110 nanoseconds. And the research indicates that the maximum amount of time an event could be hidden is also small – perhaps no longer than 120 microseconds. Still, this is a pretty fascinating breakthrough, and it’d be interesting to see if this could be combined with a spatial cloak in a practical way.
Lobsang Sangay sworn-in as Tibet's PM-in-exile

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E.T. Art: Close Encounters With UFOs Inspire Bizarre Art At MUFON 2011

Extraterrestrial Art

Phoenix-based E.T. sculptor Cynthia Crawford creates busts of what she claims are people of various alien races. She says the blue skinned Pleiadian people pictured here are are exceptionally spiritual and live in peace and unconditional love. Crawford sells her E.T. artworks for up to $200 online and at UFO conventions like the recent MUFON Symposium 2011 in Irvine, Ca.
Cynthia Crawford says these busts represent the blue-skinned Pleiadian people, who she says are exceptionally spiritual and live in peace and unconditional love. She sells the E.T. artworks for up to $200 and claims the busts have healing powers.
The first rule of art is to base it on something you know.
For Cynthia Crawford, a former executive secretary in Phoenix, Ariz., that meant basing her sculptures on aliens.
"I've spent my life having contact [with E.T.s] and in 2003, I just began sculpting them," Crawford told HuffPost Weird News while selling her wares -- a line of alien sculptures at the MUFON Symposium 2011, UFO convention held July 29-31 in Irvine, Calif.
Nearly 500 people showed up to discuss serious scientific principles surrounding UFOs and extraterrestrials as well as to sell a variety of related goods, such as crystal skulls, flying saucer-shaped rocks and conspiracy theory DVDs of all types.
And, of course, there were lots of artists like Crawford, who was hoping to connect attendees with the E.T. sculpture just right for them.
You see, Crawford's relationship with E.T.s is what might be called up close and personal. She claims to be an E.T. hybrid from a government experiment and said she remembers being taken to underground military medical facilities for testing and examinations during her childhood. She also said she endured numerous alien abductions, examinations and impregnations, as well as miraculous healings.

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