Aurion Mission: Apollo 20

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Apollo 20

[image photo: ship on the moon]
There is a very interesting report on the viewzone website of Gary Vey which records data reported by someone named William Rutledge and his information on a secret Apollo 20 mission. This data is under the name of Mona Lisa and this Mona Lisa being what you can not wrap your mind around….? with the data article on viewzone titled: “An Alien Space Ship on the Moon”……Maybe something to ponder about this Saturday morning or maybe something more than that…!! You can see the posted images in the above image photo…..
Now what is ‘strange’ is the fact that I had a dream entitled: THE ARRIVAL and called this an arrival event dream where after the dream I found this William Rutledge on the internet and the craft [space ship] image you see above was very similar to the arrival craft the ‘intruders’ flew. AND they came for the children as I related in the dream. Which by the way is the theme of tv series coming out June 19, entitled: FALLING SKIES on for all to see….? …..

This [above] image photo is pointing out the vast size of the craft reportedly on the moon and it’s comparitive size to Earth objects listed in photo image. AND this is about the very exact size of the ‘silent, completely silent’ craft used by intruders in my ARRIVAL DREAM, so there you are, believe it or not…? Just a dream, maybe, but in case it’s more than that, but maybe we shouldn’t go there….? You may want to sleep tonight……….
Just received a new book out entitled: “Apollo 20 ~ The Disclosure” by Luca Scantamburlo who says in his personal interviews with William Rutledge, that Rutledge points out,” the Apollo 20 belongs to all mankind…It is part of all human’s heritage….” and Scantamburlo notes: “Moon: A Joint U.S. and Soviet Space Mission on the Dark Side!” from Luca Scantamburlo, Italy  and there is some incredible data/image work done in this investigation of William Rutledge information……! Sadly, a number of the supposed witnesses are deceased……….
However, I did email Barry Roffman, torah code expert, rabbi, with my arrival dream and the Rutledge data who completed a short Torah Code Matrix on me, arrival dream, with other details: Moon and Barry did find a code matrix on this….! However, will not post at this time as is private report!
Before leaving the subject of Mona Lisa ~ Luca’s book APOLLO 20, The Disclosure does give mention that not only was MONA LISA brought back from the Moon, but is alive today and apparently the moon location of large craft, 2 smaller craft, city there has been bombed, destroyed……….!
In a side note, I posted 2 reports today, Saturday, June 11 of Mars Base Question on video and print data recently. And Barry Roffman was contacted by Dr. Robert Haralick, ran a code matrix on Mars Base? and is posted at ARK CODE website with the post itself at Thanks, Barry!
Jerry Golden in Jerusalem posted interesting report this Saturday on his website in regards to the recent moves by Turkey, U.S. and it being NOT good news….Check the report and remember Jerry Golden & family in prayer…!
L.A. Marzulli has a review posted today on his blog from Rose Diepstra for his WATCHERS 2 DVD just out. You may find the review by Rose detailed and an interesting read. Marzulli website …..
Lastly for this Saturday ~ check the website of Stan & Holly Deyo for updates or breaking news reports as things are happening so fast now, around the planet!
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