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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Discovery of Alien Extra-Terrestrial Life: The Cosmic Origins of Life [Hardcover]

Richard Hoover (Author), C. N. Wickramasinghe (Author), R. Joseph (Author), Rudy Schild (Author)

Book Description

March 22, 2011
We Are Not Alone! In 2007 NASA approved for publication the discovery of microfossils in three meteors. After years and months of careful preparation and peer review, this landmark paper was published and on March 5, 2011, and the world was stunned to learn of the discovery of ancient extraterrestrial life; fossils of Cyanobacteria in meteors older than Earth.

The discovery of Cyanobacteria is of particular importance. It is Cyanobacteria which helped create the oxygen atmosphere of this planet. Oxygen interacts with sunlight to produce radiation shielding ozone. Cyanobacteria also secrete calcium when creating their mats, and this calcium made it possible for shells, bones, and the skeletal system to evolve.

Cyanobacteria are a hardy species, and can live in extreme  environments. Therefore, if Cyanobacteria came from and are deposited on Earthlike planets, it can be assumed they had or would also biologically engineer these alien worlds, providing them with an oxygen atmosphere and flooding the environment with calcium, thereby making it possible for life to evolve into intelligent species, similar to or completely different from, and possibly more intelligent than woman and man.

We are not alone.

In 1584, Giordano Bruno published “Of Infinity, the Universe, and the World” and wrote ”There are innumerable suns and an infinite number of planets which circle around their suns as our seven planets circle around our Sun”.  According to Bruno, we are unable to see these planets and suns” because of their great distance or small mass. ”On February 19, 1600 Bruno was tortured and burned at the stake by the Inquisition for publishing these claims which contradicted established ”scientific” dogma.

The publication of Richard Hoover's paradigm shattering discovery of microfossils within carbonaceous meteorites, unleashed an ugly storm of violent, histrionic invective not seen since the Middle Ages when they burned scientists for making discoveries that threatened the established order.

This is The Book, they do not want you to read.

We are not alone. That landmark paper, by Richard Hoover of NASA, is the lead chapter and is accompanied by chapters featuring critical commentary written by top scientists throughout the world, as well as speculation about the implications of life, its origins, and evolution throughout the cosmos. Consider the implications:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1)    <!--[endif]-->There is evidence of biological activity in this planet's oldest rocks, which means life was present on Earth from the very beginning.

2) Two separate teams of scientists have determined, based on a genomic analysis, that DNAbased life has a genetic ancestry leading backwards in time over 10 billion years, which is twice the age of Earth.

3) Dozens of studies have proven conclusively that microbes can survive the ejection from and crash landing onto a planet surface and a journey through space.

4) The implications are that life on Earth, came from other planets, and these first life forms included cyanobacteria.

The implications are staggering. It can be assumed life is everywhere and has a cosmic ancestry extending backwards in time, interminably into the long ago, and that intelligent life has evolved on countless Earth-like planets. Life must have evolved on innumerable worlds which are much older than Earth, evolving beyond the humans of Earth before our planet was even formed. Great extra-terrestrial
technologically advanced civilizations likely ring the cosmos, including on planets billions of years older than our own.

All this and more is included in the chapters of this amazing book:

Our ancient ancestors journeyed here from the stars.