Aurion Mission

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thanks for the comments. Part II should be posted by next Friday at the latest (9/2/11) -- same section. It will have info to clarify what Man is, why we're here and who is also here with us, and what is being done about it. This necessitates some info to be shared on timelines.

Re: Marks2much -- my age is in my moniker (byline) and I have been at this for years, and was just as confused as a lot of other people. ( I am not a famous author posting under a pseudonym, although I know almost as much as Dr. Boylan, Dr. Michael Wolf, and the late John Keel.)

One day in Dec. '97 my doctor told me I had 3 years to live and so I quit my lucrative county computer job, cashed in my retirement and savings chips -- why not party and go where I wanted to go before leaving the planet?
While hiking in Sedona in June '98 I dropped to my knees and made an intense prayer to be able to serve Man and the planet before I died so that my life might count for something positive. There was no answer, no voice from the clouds. I continued traveling.
I decided to move to Tucson in late October '98 and that's when I was (very unceremonially) visited in my motel room -- in El Paso. I was taken out of my body, protected by a swirling green energy field (protection I was later told) and allowed to watch the whatever-it-was they were doing to my head, and I was 20-30 min later put back in my body. It was 2 in the morning. I was put back to sleep.
They had done something, and given me knowledge and an ability to ask and receive info about whatever I asked -- it comes in 1-sec downloads. However, if I had no need to know something, I was told so and had to live with not knowing whatever it was I had asked. I didn't even know who They were.

The next three days were unreal... I had written it all off as a dream, but I not only knew things now and had answers to almost all my questions, but I could heal myself by willing it (sorry, it doesn't transfer to others) and I now see auras.

In fact, I sometimes think I know too much. They showed up in person again in 2003 and asked if I was ready to do my part... Sure, I said -- Healer? Teacher? Maybe prophet (ugh)? None of the above. I was disappointed when They told me what it was, but I have done and continue to do my part, a minor thing, in addition to doing a few posts. I can see my part working and They permit me to post. I wrote a book that connects all the dots, 17 chapters, 12 appendices, huge glossary... and no one will publish it. Not that people are going to have the time to read it for a while anyway, so it sits on a CD in the closet. Some of the info shared in my posts is from that book.

BTW, knowing the answer is not what it is cracked up to be, but what sustains me is Their promise of where we (proactive) people are going. Perhaps the book will be printed there...

Re: AmrahAOlson -- you are right about the reptiles, but don't worry, most of them are gone and because we're in quarantine, their cohorts cannot get to us. The new Earth will be free of them and many other obstructive things.
The Zetas are mostly "good guys", perhaps you are thinking of the Dows -- a bunch of Greys who do work with the Orion group for less than nice purposes.
The PTB/Cabal/Chaos group are not expected to survive the Earth Changes in a way that would allow them to take power/control again over Earth... I have heard that most will be trapped in their DUMBs (underground bunkers) under water or lava with their assist from the Remnant gone.

I have posted elsewhere that Man is a valuable being (possessing a soul -- the soul is created in the Father's image with all the potential implied in that) and that is why there is so much neg effort spent trying to contain/trap and dumb Man down -- to keep him from actualizing his divine heritage. That is also why the HIgher Beings are involved -- to put the Father of Light's Plan back on track.
Not said earlier was that not all men have souls, and it was a mistake to incarnate into bodies that the Anunnaki provided... hence Man is to learn from that karmic error and rise above it. That info is in Part II.