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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene knocked a nuclear reactor offline at Calvert Cliffs

Posted: 08/28/2011
The Constellation Energy Nuclear Group nuclear power fleet is safe, secure and stable, including the Calvert Cliffs facility.
Late last night, a large gust of wind sent a piece of aluminum siding, which dislodged from a nearby building, into contact with the main transformer at our Calvert Cliffs nuclear power facility in Lusby, Maryland.
The Unit 1 reactor automatically and safely went off-line, as designed. Because of the situation, an Unusual Event was declared Saturday night. UE is the lowest of four emergency classifications by the NRC. That UE has since been exited.
All employees are safe and the Calvert Cliffs facility is safe and there was no other significant damage and the site is accessible.
Throughout the storm, Calvert Cliff's Unit 2 remained at 100 percent power. Two Nuclear Regulatory Commission representatives remain on-site.
There was never a threat to the public; the site remains stable and secure.
A note from Constellation: Our thoughts and prayers are with all those in the path of Hurricane Irene, especially our employees, contractors and those in the communities in which we operate our facilities.
Special thanks to those CENG employees who worked to keep the site safe and operational throughout the night.
In the nuclear energy industry and at CENG, safety is more than a priority or goal; it is our highest value.
Stay safe.
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