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Sunday, August 14, 2011

On The Moon found a human skeleton?

⊆ 12:00 PM by grek

"I have documents and letters showing that human footprints on the lunar surface was fresh and the skeleton unquestionably belongs to the man" - China's leading astrophysicist Mao Kang.
American newspaper The New York Times published a sensational: on the moon found the skeleton of a man. This stunning news does not look like an ordinary newspaper "duck" as a solid body refers to a recognized authority - leading Chinese astrophysicist Mao Kang. And reject this scientist with the threshold can not: namely Mao Kang winter of 1988 brought a shock to the whole scientific world by publishing a conference in Beijing on human pictures bare foot on the lunar surface. And said here that got these shots from "a reliable source in the United States. " According to Mao Kang, photograph of the skeleton - of the second batch pictures obtained from the same source.
On the technical side there is nothing impossible. Modern optics is such that clearly captures from orbiting satellites headlines, spread out on the ground. And on the moon has no atmosphere, can be read newspaper text. The only question is whether or not to walk on the moon, a man who then died and turned into a skeleton, and why the Americans are holding the photographs in no hurry to share them with the scientific world.
In the second half of the question to answer easily. Space - a strategic area, and whoever owns it secret - more potential adversaries. Not for nothing the Americans nearly half a century conceal the truth about the alien spaceship who died in South America. Much harder to answer the first half of the question. But let's look at the not so distant past.
In the first 70 went around the whole world a sensational photograph, taken from an American satellite, the Viking-1? to orbit Mars - Pyramids and the Sphinx. In the photo is clearly visible a few cone-shaped buildings, obviously artificial, and not far away from them - carved into the rock a giant human face. The trunk did not differ, so it can be assumed that the rock is carved a head.
This is so not knitting with generally accepted notions that the scientific world has come to a unanimous conclusion: the phenomenon of nature - a fun game of light and shadow. Obviously, the same thought and American secret services, and therefore did not object to the publication of this photo. And scientists minds gleefully giggling, reading the newspapers idle thoughts of journalists that we are not only intelligent beings in the solar system that we control the higher civilization.
I must say, journalists do not fantasized from scratch. Were based on science. Back in the late 60's an American researcher a Nobel Prize Pollack entered into the computer all the data about the Earth - the composition of the atmosphere, soil, solar and cosmic radiation, all physical parameters, and all that science was aware of living things. And asked the question: can the protein life on the planet with such conditions? The answer was clear: impossible. On a planet where there is a strong oxidizer - oxygen, an abundance of absolute solvent - water, which over time break down, even glass and metal, a protein substance, with its extremely narrow life "corridor " could not have arisen. And even more can not naturally occur is the diversity of living creatures. Nature is much more economical in their accomplishments. Later, this experiment was repeated at the Kiev Institute of Cybernetics with the same result.
But Pollack is not just asked the question the computer. A little earlier traveled around the world a sensational discovery: all living beings on Earth - from bacteria to elephants, including humans - have a common biological code. And in light of all the established theories of the origin and evolution of life is simply impossible. But it is. And the most daring minds have come to the "crazy" idea: life on Earth is of artificial origin. Our Planet - Research Laboratory, where a Supreme Mind is experimenting with all sorts of variants of evolution. This and such a variety and life, and natural conditions, surprising for a small planet. So, perhaps, the scientific minds in vain giggling over the fantasies of writing fraternity.
But very distant retrospective gives a stunning enigma. In the first place - and what the moon itself? How does it come on the earth's horizon? After another 20 thousand years ago, it was not, astronomers have come to believe that she went from somewhere in the depths of the galaxy. Perhaps descended from its orbit by a space accident and hit the Earth's gravity field. It is unlikely that such an explanation can be someone to meet. Until now, astronomers have not met the wandering planets. Comets - yes. Meteorites - indefinitely. But the planet ... the more "alive", which are raging volcanoes. Not for nothing that there was "crazy idea" that the moon - controlled spaceship. That's why, and she stands on such an orbit, and rotates around its own axis, so that we could see only one side. Here Armstrong and saw alien ships on the other, hidden from our side.
"Americans are complicit in concealing the secrets of the global, and possibly criminal nature - said Mao Kang. - They are kept from the public images of the trace of human foot on the moon 20 years, and a picture of a human skeleton - even longer. What is found on the Moon, is a stunning fact. "
This statement was a blow for space and intelligence services in the U.S.. They flatly refused to comment on his hard-bitten journalists. One of the intelligence experts even went into hiding after reporters besieged him in a restaurant. Other services, too, a word not responded to this accusation, even after the Chinese scholar said that has more than 1000 pictures imprints NASA bare feet and a skeleton on the moon. But it is noteworthy that, refusing to comment on the report, none of the American decision-makers decided not to refute him.
As I have said, modern space optics allows us to consider even the smallest details. And they make this story even more mysterious. So, the man whose skeleton is shown in the picture, apparently, during the lifetime of wearing jeans. And because the skeleton is missing some parts, the death of this man was violent. It can be assumed that he was killed elsewhere and then, much later, moved to the moon. If he was killed on the moon would not be preserved skeleton, and the whole body: in the airless atmosphere of the moon decomposition of body tissues is impossible.
You can build a lot of guessing who the man was and how he got to the moon. Involuntarily reminded of the many rumors about people who had been abducted by aliens and disappeared without a trace. But if we do not have now the approaches to this puzzle? Anyway, Dr. Mao Kang confident in it and announced it to the world:
"I have documents and letters showing that human footprints on the lunar surface was fresh and the skeleton unquestionably belongs to the man. The question is, how the human footprint and a human skeleton were on the moon. This is due, obviously, the intervention of extraterrestrial beings, but we'll never know until the Americans will not make publicly available all information they have classified information".