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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Secret art exhibit on the moon

[via by way of Boing Boing]
It sounds like a hoax or conspiracy theory, but apparently there is a secret art show on the moon. Artist Forrest "Frosty" Myers managed to have a "Moon Museum" secretly installed on a hatch on a leg of the Apollo 12's Intrepid landing module. Myers had tried to arrange for the art through NASA, but when the project was rejected, he enlisted the help of an unnamed engineer at the Grumman Corporation and did it as guerrilla art (let's see you do that, Banksy!).

Myers arranged for Rauschenberg, Warhol, Oldenburg, Chamberlain, and David Novros to contribute drawings in addition to his own. The six drawings were miniaturized and baked onto an iridium-plated ceramic wafer measuring just 3/4" x 1/2" x 1/40", with the assistance of engineers at Bell Labs.

According to the Times via, the artworks are Rauschenberg's wavy line; Novros' black square bisected by thin white lines; a computer-generated drawing by Myers; a geometric mouse by Oldenburg; and a template pattern by Chamberlain. Warhol's contribution, which is obscured by the thumb above, is described as "a calligraphic squiggle made up of the initials of his signature."Actually, it's a drawing of a penis.

For those of you with NY Times subscriptions, or a willingness to spend $3.95, the New York Times has a short article from November 22, 1969 about the exhibit.

The statue of the Fallen Astronaut is better known, institutionally approved moon art.