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Thursday, August 18, 2011

2011: Israeli UFO, Monolith communications in Vancouver meditation
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Update: The fourth and best of the videos from this event is now available online.The names of the witnesses who recorded the UFO videos are not known at this time.
The Dome of the Rock UFO incident took place in an area widely regarded as a no-fly zone and CNN has reported how the Israeli army shot down a UFO flying over a nuclear power plant last December. Frame-by-frame analysis of UFO videos from last Friday’s incident demonstrates how visual elements of the instrumental record also reflect dimensions of Jewish, Islamic and Christian spiritual traditions when viewed through the lens of Tantra Yoga meditation philosophy.
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Mass Sighting
In the UFO videos from last Friday, observers are seen recording a brilliantly lit object as it hovers over Jerusalem, then descends towards the ground. It remains stationary over the Dome of the Rock, during which time a brilliant flash of light illuminates the scene. Shortly after this burst of light, the UFO performs a rapid ascent into a region of the sky occupied by a number of red lights, which appear to be rotating around an invisible body, as if they were the navigation lights on a gigantic spaceship from which the UFO had first descended. The videos end with the departure of this apparent “mothership” object.
Historic Hotspot
The historic location of Solomon’s Temple, the Last Supper, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus and today’s Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount is one of the most hotly contested religious sites in the world, subject to claims from both Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The rock over which the dome stands is the Foundation Stone described in Jewish tradition as the place from which the world was created, also regarded in Islamic faith as the step-off point for Muhammad’s ascent into heaven and remembered by Christians as the location of Jacob’s dream.
In his dream the prophet Jacob reported how he saw, “a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven; and behold, the angels of God were ascending and descending on it”. While in the past, Muslim prayers were conducted facing towards the direction of the Foundation Stone, Jewish prayers are conducted following this alignment today.
As the long-standing focal point for tremendous political and religious sentiment, the choice of this location for a mass UFO sighting in which the mysterious object hovered meters above the ground can only be considered as an act of intensive provocation. In fact, the brief incident exposed the UFO to the possibility of a serious military response. While local pilots offer air tours of Jerusalem, the skies directly over the Temple Mount are reportedly a no-fly zone. Last December, CNN reported how “The Israeli Air Force shot down an unidentified flying object over the Dimona nuclear plant in the Negev Desert Thursday, the Israel Defense Forces said. The object appeared in a designated no-fly zone, the air force was scrambled and the object was shot down, the IDF said.”
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Deep Meditation
Basic practice of Tantra Yoga involves individual performance of meditation (Sadhana) twice daily. This practice is referred to as "following Dharma", which means surrendering the mind and it’s desires to the Creator in order to know (and become instrumental in the fulfillment of) the Supreme Desire (the will of God) as the best of all courses of action. From this perspective, following Dharma is considered “spiritual morality”, the best of all possible choices when considering the application of one’s personal resources towards the fulfillment of a goal, a dream or a personal vision.
Meditation practice involves the use of mantras and concentration upon the chakras of the human body. Mantras are the sounds used as objects of concentration which lead the mind to spiritual liberation. The chakras are the subtle control center and substations of consciousness whose vibrations influence the performance of various glands and hormones in the physical body. Visual representations of the chakras in Asian artworks and technical illustrations depict geometric forms stacked in series along a central meridian (Shushumna Nadii) aligned with the spinal column.
In this representative sense, the chakras are visually similar to a chain or a ladder suspended in space.
Chains and Ladders
A “chain-like” effect appears in one of the UFO videos as well. Individual frames reveal how the image sensor from one of the cameras recorded a smear of light as the bright object ascended. Recording in night time conditions, the camera’s shutter was not fast enough to isolate the fast-moving subject, creating a recording that shows four distinct objects stacked in series. This image can be explained as an artifact of the camera’s shutter performance. None of the other videos show that the luminous UFO was strobing rapidly during ascent. However, it is not so easy to explain why this happened in a place where chain imagery is commemorated by a nearby building.
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To the east of the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount lies the Dome of the Chain. “Among the wonders of the Holy House is the chain, which Solomon, son of David, suspended between Heaven and Earth, to the east of the Rock, where the Dome of the Chain now stands. The chain had one characteristic. If two men approached it to solve a point of litigation, only the honest and upright man could take hold of it; the unjust man saw it move out of his reach.”
From a meditation perspective, the chain linked to heaven that is only accessible to the followers of morality, the ladder by which the angels ascend and descend is the chakra column that can only be accessed when the subconscious mind is first calmed by the observance of rules governing social and personal conduct. In Yoga, these are known as Yama and Niyama. They are the Ten Commandments that lead to inspired meditation. Unless the subconscious mind is first calmed by cultivating a solid foundation in morality, successful meditation leading to spiritual liberation is impossible.
Moral Imperative
The Ten Commandments from the Old Testament include a dual command that is observed by followers of the Jewish faith: “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.” It is with this idea in mind that the faithful light two candles on the Friday night of the Sabbath, one for each aspect of the dual commandment. Friday, January 28th, the date of the Dome of the Rock UFO incident, was one such night. How else can one explain how both of the remote video cameras show a dramatic flash of light preceding the object’s departure caused by two discreet bursts registered on separate video frames?
The terms Sabbath and Sadhana share a common prefix – Sa. In Tantra Yoga, “Sa is the acoustic root of moks’a [salvation, unqualified liberation] … and sa is the acoustic root of sattvagun’a [the sentient principle].” Acoustic roots explained: “Every vibration in this universe has color and sound. Every vibration also represents a particular idea, and hence each vibration has a vibrational sound and vibrational colour. Many vibration waves are too long or too short to be perceived by human beings – we cannot hear their sound or see their color – but they do exist. We can speak of them as causal matrices in the realm of vibrational colour; and consider them as the bija mantras [acoustic roots] of the ideas with which they are concerned.” Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, Discourses on Tantra Volume 1, (Calcutta: A’nanda Ma’rga Publications: 1993) 123, 82
Splitting Time
The video from the Dome of the Rock UFO incident raises many interesting questions and more research may provide some answers. For example, how was the UFO generating the inaudible sounds that it was using to engage the Foundation Stone in the role of a Monolith-like instrument such as the one from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey? The visual variations in the illuminated atmosphere as portrayed by two of the remote cameras suggest different dispersion patterns from the two flashes of light. The absence of any visible flash phenomena near the Dome of the Rock nor in the background of the close-up image is also perplexing in the absence of such a hypothesis that sound waves were involved in the dispersal of light energy, constraining photons in such a way that they became invisible near the wave-generator.
While the video is suggestive that the UFO itself is generating the flash of light, the contrary sets of video data suggest the possibility of two different realities occurring in parallel timelines.  For example, the mothership UFO could have split time itself in the course of its travels as a consequence of its black-hole–like stargate propulsion system, isolating one population of witnesses in a reality separate from those at a distance.   
In one possible reality, the atmosphere is infused with light that obscures large portions of the image frame. In the other parallel reality, there is no background flash visible within the image nor are there audible indications from the witnesses that brilliant waves of light were visible in their area during the times when the other cameras show significant increases in luminous output. The silence of the witnesses to this point remains in stark contrast to their “ahhh’s” and “oooh’s” heard during the UFO’s sudden ascent.
Twice a Day
The Burnaby Mountain meditation episode of SecretMessageTV shows the body as a temple, an acoustic chamber for the mind, on the mountain receiving light from within during the silent recital of mantras. From a meditation perspective, the spiritual symbolism of the Dome of the Rock UFO incident is very accessible with parallels to a fundamental instruction for yogic living. Two flashes of light, two illuminations, signifying two enlightenments in one day. “Those who perform sa’dhana twice a day regularly - the thought of Parama Purus’a [God] will certainly arise in their minds at the time of death; their liberation is a sure guarantee.” (Supreme Command, Shrii Shrii A’nandamu’rti)

Enhanced still frame from close-up video of UFO over Temple Mount, Jerusalem last Friday nightEnhanced still frame from close-up video of UFO over Temple Mount, Jerusalem last Friday night

Slideshow: 2011: Israel UFO, Monolith communications frame-by-frame analysis

Video: 2011: Israeli UFO, Monolith communications in Vancouver meditation

Last Friday’s dramatic UFO incident in which a mysterious luminous body descended over Temple Mount in Jerusalem was captured by at least three different video cameras, revealing flashes of light during “communications” taking place in a summit between ET and the Foundation Stone beneath the Dome of the Rock like a scene from the movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Several days of reflection on last Friday’s events inspired a spiritual meditation on Vancouver’s Burnaby Mountain today. During this cosmic “conversation” ET’s on board the UFO stimulated the environment with inaudible sound waves like a yogi reciting mantras during meditation, eliciting a powerful energetic response that was visible on remote cameras operated by civilian witnesses. The Burnaby Mountain meditation and its connection with intricate symbolism woven throughout the UFO story is the subject of a new episode of SecretMessageTV, the online video channel focused on consciousness studies and communications research applied to understanding UFO and paranormal mysteries.
An audio podcast version of this story is also available as a new episode of The Secret Message Report - Podcast Edition.