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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stargate Activity Dramatically on the Rise
Stargates may prove to be the doorways to the secrets of the ages
Posted by Scott Mowry | 2.5.10
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On Sunday, January 31, 2010, I presented a seminar entitled "Time Travel, Teleportation, Stargates and Parallel Universes: Opening the Doors to the Higher Dimensions." During this three-hour seminar, I demonstrated all of the different stargates that can be found throughout the world, and, even a stargate that has been strategically placed within the human brain by the ones, or ones, who created us.
The entry point of the human stargate is the pineal gland, aka, the third eye. Eye is another name for a stargate. Proof of the exit point of the human stargate can be found in nearly every artistic image of a religious or spiritual figure that has ever walked the face of the Earth, including: Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Shiva, Mohammed and many, many more.
More information will be forthcoming on the human stargates found in the brain in our upcoming Stargates section, to be released soon.
As a result of the research I have done, I am absolutely convinced that stargates are going to become more and more pivotal as we approach the year 2012. In fact, this phenomenon is already well underway and has been around for quite some time.
Stargate openings are now appearing with alarming regularity, including what appears to be both man-made and cosmically inspired.
As if right on queue, yet another stargate has been spotted opening up over Australia recently (pictured above). This was originally discovered on January 22, 2010 and more information can be found at the web site of Colin Andrews.
This is the third such stargate that has appeared and been reported in the last three months.
The first of the recent stargate openings occurred over the early morning skies of Norway on December 9, 2009 (pictured below), the day before Barrack Obama was to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo.
This appears to have been a technology induced anomaly, as Richard Hoagland reported in his article, A "Nobel Torsion Message" Over Norway?: A "Hyperdimensional Weapon's" Demo ... for Obama? Mr Hoagland discovered a HAARP station, based on the northern tip of Norway.
The second most recent stargate opening was spotted over the seas near the country of Yemen in the Gulf of Aden on January 5, 2010 (pictured below). However, it was not widely reported on the alternative news site and YouTube videos, until weeks after the fact.
Nonetheless, numerous sources are now reporting that hundreds of warships from a wide array of governments, including the US, Britain, Russia, China, Japan, along with many other nation's militaries, are in the Gulf of Aden observing this stargate right now.
Apparently, there is an anomaly that appears to be like a giant whirlpool that has opened up in the waters in the Gulf of Aden, perhaps created by some kind of a magnetic vortex. This vortex is believed to be a stargate. Whatever it is, it has certainly gotten the rapt attention of nearly all of the world's militaries.
The justification for discharging all of this military presence in and around Yemen, is the usual suspect: yet another al-Q aida terrorist cell. However, along with the Somali pirates threat, this is just a cover story for something much bigger, you can be assured.
It also seems there was recently a strong earthquake that occurred in Yemen recently. Could the stargate and the earthquake somehow be related? Likely, yes!
There is also a lot more to the story of stargates and the Middle East, naturally.
According to many sources, particularly author and investigative mythologist, William Henry, Saddam Hussein had uncovered many of the ancient Sumerian artifacts and technologies, including the ancient stargates. (See this William Henry interview with Conscious Media Network for more info.)
The 1994 movie, "Stargate", starring Kurt Russell and James Spader, reveals just a small portion of the story of the recovery of ancient stargate technology, including what appears to be Annunaki-type ET's. If you have not seen this film, it is highly recommended for further insight into this story.
Mr. Henry, who has been researching this Saddam connetion since 1991, has concluded that the Iraqi dictator believed his was the re-incarnated King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon. And, he was ambitiously planning and building a "Disneyland for the Annunaki", centered around the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian cultures. Iraq sits right in the heart of the Sumerian homeland, also known as "the cradle of civilization".
In, "Saddam Hussein, The Stairway to Heaven and the Return of Planet X", William Henry writes:
"It is well known that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has connected himself with Nebuchadnezzar, spending over $500 million during the 1980s on the reconstruction and the re-establishment of ancient Babylon, the capitol of Nebuchadnezzar. Over sixty million bricks have been made to place in the walls of Babylon, each engraved with the inscription, 'To King Nebuchadnezzar in the reign of Saddam Hussein'".
If this Sumerian-Babylonian complex had opened, it could have completely overturned nearly all of the world's religions, by revealing the true history of the world and the origins of man. Religion, of course, has been a major tool that has been used to control the masses of humanity throughout the ages.
Thus, both Gulf Wars had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction (at least in the traditional sense), terrorism, 9/11, oil, nor, the ridiculous notion of "spreading of democracy". But rather, more about preventing Saddam Hussein from exploiting the Sumerian technology for his own use and capturing the stargates he had uncovered in his country of Iraq.
So in essence, the WMD's have been found –– and they were the stargates and the ancient Sumerian records!
You may recall that during the second Iraq war, the various news reports of the military rushing into the Baghdad museums to secure the artifacts and treasures of the Iraqi National Art Museums. You can bet your bottom dollar there was valuable Sumerian artifacts that was confiscated in those missions during the initial stages of the second Iraq war.
The big question is –– did the US military capture the stargates too?
Here is more supporting evidence from whistleblower, Dan Burisch:
Stargates in Iraq – From the Sumerians to the 9/11 Attacks:
"Dan Burisch has made a huge splash in the UFO community over the last past year or so. According to sources I have read, Dan worked in the S4 underground base as a microbiologist. He can offer notarized documents and other forms of proof to back up his story. If your looking for credentials, google his name. Dan has some truly amazing stories including direct contact with extraterrestrials, Mind Melds with aliens, The Ganesh Particle, and much more. According to Dan, the 2012 theory is indeed true, and the US Government is in a dire struggle to acquire the Sumerian Stargates before the great change happens."
And if that is not enough(!), it appears that some kind of stargate technology may have been employed to accelerate the 9/11 event in New York City. A stargate was located directly in the World Trade Center plaza (pictured below) and was perhaps used to usher an altered reality that made the 9/11 tragedy so powerful and transformative.
9/11 certainly changed the world in which we live in forever and brought about a new negative paradigm that we have yet to recover from.
If some misguided efforts are now being implemented to use a stargate event to derail the great shift of consciousness predicted to culminate in 2012, then it is certainly doomed to failure.
Without question, the plan of the Divine to wake up the humanity will override every other scenario that is being hatched by some wayward humans carrying out some ill-conceived Biblical prophecy.
What seems abundantly clear is that you are going to be hearing more and more about stargates in the very near future. Expect major stargate news to unfold throughout 2010 and beyond.
And this is only just the beginning!