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Friday, August 5, 2011

Agents Listed by Agency

Started September, 2010
This is a list of some Satanists who area at least slightly prominent in the orgone, ET, patriot, or do-gooder movements of various sorts. And maybe a few Satanists that don't really fit into those categories, but not too many, for simplicity's sake.
A few are deceased.
I have listed them by agency where possible.
The old agent list is archived here.

NSA: David Wilcock, Wynne Free, Jeff Rense, Ward Churchill, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Carol Croft, Ken Adachi, Stewart and Janet Swerdlow, Ted Gunderson, Sherry Shriner, Greg Szymanski, Victor Thorn, Val Valerian, Art Bell, Don Bradley, Marijah McCain, James Casbolt, Bill Moyers, Brother Jonathan, Mark Davey, Louis Theroux, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Mark Huber (a living caricature).
"Environmentalists": David Foreman, Howie Wolke, Ed Abbey, founders of Earth First!
"Laozu" Kelley and his friend Cesco -- high level masons in orgonite scene.

CIA: Steven R. Pieczenik, Whitley Strieber, Alfred Webre, George Green, Chuck Norris, Neil Young (but not his satanist double who does some of his gigs), Mark Philips, John Birch, Bill Ayers, Mike Ruppert, Richard Boylan, George Noory, Bo Gritz, Fred Gunn, Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Peter Davenport (NUFORC), Michael Moore, Orly Taitz, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Joe Vialls, Helga LaRouche (Lyndon's MPD handler), Professors Jim Fetzer and Steven Jones, founders of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Steve Watson who works for Alex Jones. Max Keiser. Karyn Dolan.
Richard Dolan is soulless CIA, but does not seem to have the blood ritual vibe.

MI3: Sorcha Faal (Actually several males and an occasional female contribute to this. Some people claim that David Booth, a CIA satanist, is Sorcha Faal. But I don't think he writes this stuff.)
USN: Sensei Dennis of
Mossad: JK Rowling; she doesn't even write the books, so why is all this Mossad money going to an MS center in Scotland?
Chinese government: Louis Farrakhan
Belgian State Security Service: Paul Craig Roberts
Russian-Israeli Mafia: Yoko Ono
Jesuit: the "Dalai Lama" (an imposter; the monks who tested and recognized him as a child were all darksiders), Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Mother Theresa, Zahi Hawass (actually all these agencies above, and more, like Mossad, are under the Jesuits. The Jesuits, including the Rothschilds, led by the Black Pope, are the most evil humans on Earth).
ET from NGC 4414: George Kavassilas (more info)
ETs from the Sombrero Galaxy: Michel Desmarquet and Tom J. Chalko (these latter 2 are not Satanists, but some other kind of black magicians)

Agency (if any) Unknown: (many are Freemasons) Esther Hicks, Amitakh Stanford, Joseph Chiappalone, Bono, Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Trevor James Constable, James DeMeo, Brian Desborough, Laurence Gardner, Jacques Vallee, Chris Everard, Zechariah Sitchin, Rigoberta Menchu, Ted Nugent (NRA poster child), John Muir, John James Audubon, Bob Geldorf.
Pachauri, Gore, and most other high-profile proponents of anthropogenic global warming.
Moses, Mohammed. Gandhi was a Satanist British agent.
Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Paul Newman and his widow.
John Lennon (Yoko was his MPD handler, but did he know who she worked for?)

websites: is run by CIA satanists paid by drug profits.
publications: The Nation is NSA-run (though most of the contributors are sincere)

Note that just because someone seems to be doing a lot of good, confronting The Establishment and putting out a lot of hard-hitting and empowering truth, etc., is no indication that they are not government Satanists!
Dr. Deagle says they let us know what they are doing to us because this gives it ritual value. Maybe that's the truth, or part of it. It may also be that they are somehow bound to obey some law to inform us what they are doing to us.

Of course, there may well be curve balls and disinfo thrown in.
For example, someone may put out a great deal of truth, but get it all mixed up with a racist agenda (e.g. John Birch). Then another CIA Satanist will come along, like Chip Berlet of the PRA and let people know how these crazy racist, gun-toting fundy anti-semites, etc. are a threat to "left" values. And some of the "right-wing" beliefs he ridicules are the very disinfo injected into "alternative" groups by the CIA and similar agencies.

Who is definitely NOT an agent? Some good people are often falsely accused, including David Icke, Alex Jones, Dr. Deagle.

If I've forgotten anybody that really belongs on this page somewhere, email me.
This is a list of people who have been determined to be servants of evil according to IRONCLAD
(Infallible Results Of Notorious Commander Loohan's Amateur Dowsing).

A few notables:

Carol Croft, Sensei Dennis, Ken Adachi,
Trevor James Constable, James DeMeo,
Karl Welz, Ernie Vega,
Don Bradley & wife,  Drunvalo, Sherry Shriner,
Boylan, Val Valerian, Ted Gunderson,
Mike Ruppert, Victor Thorn,
Greg Szymanski, Ernst Zundel, David Irving,
Art Bell, George Noory, Jeff Rense, Mark Philips (Trance-Formation),
Prosecutor Fitzgerald, Marijah McCain,
David Wilcock, James Casbolt,
Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Bo Gritz,
Brian Desborough, Laurence Gardner,
Jacques Vallee, Sorcha Faal, Bill Moyers,
Brother Jonathan, Fred Gunn, Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk,
Janet and Stewart Swerdlow, Chris Everard,
Zechariah Sitchin, Michael Moore, Shirley MacLaine,
Uri Geller, James Randi,
the "Dalai Lama" (an imposter; the monks who tested and recognized him as a child were all darksiders),
Sai Baba, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,
Rigoberta Menchu, Ann Coulter, Nancy Pelosi,
David Duke, Sun Myung Moon, Louis Farrakhan,
Hugo Chavez (sorry!), Oprah,
Ellsworth Baker, Peter Crist, Benjamin Deutsch. Who are these guys?
Orgone authors:

Professors Jim Fetzer and Steven Jones, founders of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.
Also the majority of the other members listed.

Steve Watson of Prison Planet

What about Rayelan's "Faction 2"? Well, Rayelan is sincere, but the people who put
aspartame, white sugar, etc. into Pepsi feel just as nasty as those who do it to Coke.

Deceased ill-luminaries of note:
Gandhi, Mohammed, Charles Darwin, Houdini, Tchaikovsky, L. Ron Hubbard, Jack Parsons, John Birch, Gunther Russbacher,
Carl Jung, John Lennon, George Washington, Thomas Paine, (but NOT Jefferson or Madison!),
Robert & Laurie Monroe of the Monroe Institute, Joe Vialls, Robert Anton Wilson.

[Update Aug. 22, '06:] For some time I had Stew Webb on this list by mistake. I have
gotten sharper at dowsing, and went thru this list again. This is the only error I found.
My apologies to Stew Webb, who happens actually to have a page implicating several of the people
I have on this list like Adachi, Shriner, Gunderson.
Note also that several more of the people on my list should now be placed in the
"deceased" list, although their demise is not publicly admitted to.]

You'll notice Ahmadinejad is not on this list. I have never been able to find anything on him.

[Update Dec. 23, '08:] I recently went over this list a couple times to make sure it was correct.
I think it all is, except that I can no longer find anything on Richard Hoagland.
I presume that I made a mistake when I put him on the list years ago, and today I apologize and delete his name.

[Update Jan. '10:] The explanation of how I made that mistake about Hoagland
is on my blog, Jan. 9, '09, a year ago.
I did find stuff on Ahmadinejad, but not blood-ritual stuff;
see my blog Dec. 6, '09, Dec. 29, '09, Dec. 30, '09.