Aurion Mission

Friday, August 5, 2011

Aliens arrive

1999-2009Edit 1999-2009 sectionEdit

1999: An alien ship lands on the North Downs, a flustered military blows it up with a bomb.
2001: Whilst fox hunting in Devon a group of Eton Graduates are brutally killed by foxes.
2002: The Foxes are captured and discovered to infact be a primitive Fox called Manifus Foxarius, from the Pliocene.
2003: Three children cycling through the forest of Dean are killed by a Gorgonopsid. A special military team is dispatched led by Paleontologist George Baxter. The Gorgonopsid is killed. Later in the year the scientists discover a disturbance called an anomaly which allows creatures to get to the present from their time.
2004: A special research unit called the P.A.R.C is founded to research the animals and anomalies. A herd of Sauropods also come through into the heart of Rush hour London. 400 people are killed in the Chaos and Tony Blair is forced to resign for covering up the situation. He is Replaced by Jack Straw who pulls British forces out of Iraq to deal with the crisis.
2005: Baxter finds a creature from the future, a batlike predator, which breaks into a session of Parliament and kills the Speaker and Michael Howard (then leader of the Conservative Party). Military forces are deployed who blow up the creature with a Grenade. Jack Straw is also Forced To resign.
2006: After much infighting amongst the Labour Party, Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London comes to Power. P.A.R.C also invents a device to close the anomalies.
2007: 40 Future Predators come through an anomaly in Cardiff and overun the City. The Welsh Assembly relocates to Swansea. George Baxter is killed by the Predators whilst trying to contain them. Ken Livingstone orders the evacuation of all of south east Wales and launches a Nuclear Missile at Cardiff destroying the Predators.
2008: An anomaly appears in Salzburg in Austria. 3 Mosasaurs come through and kill 4 People.
2009: Greenpeace becomes very Militant and launches attacks on London with bombs. One hits the House of Commons and Kills Ken Livingstone. Boris Johnson is then elected to power. He attempts to luanch a Nuclear Missile at the Greenpeace on Taxaxatol Island but gets the coordinates wrong and hits Vladivostok instead.