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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aliens and Ice Cream: We take another look at Bob Collin's UFO Book Exempt from Disclosure 

We take a second look at the controversial alien visitation book, and recall the Spy Games that surrounded its release.
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( -- My first look at the 2nd edition of Bob Collins' expose' of the UFO cover-up Exempt from Disclosure was a few years ago.

Like Sharon Weinberger, the defense journalist, and author of the book Imaginary Weapons,  "I am not a UFO person."

(Really, in spite of all of the UFO related material at, I have never had much interest in UFOs, at least since I read the Condon Report in the early 1970s. On the other hand, I have been very interested in reports of 'new physics' potentially related to UFO-like propulsion systems, such as the incredible claims of Podkletnov and Ning Li on antigravity-like effects. And especially where it can be shown that the US government has spent tax payer dollars investigating these kind of claims.)

Whereas Sharon spent the past few years exposing "imaginary weapons" that have been or are currently funded by the government, my interests lie primarily in current cutting edge scientific debates pointing towards "imaginary weapons" that might someday come to fruition.

Although it may appear that Sharon and I live on opposite ends of the debate, we both share fluid channels for sources living out their imaginary dreams on the Internet.

I first heard about the weirdness involving the UFO connections to the US Air Force from a source nicknamed "Sarge" -- to the best of my recollection this was 1983.

Sarge told me, "If you knew the truth about what's going on with the Air Force and the UFOs, you wouldn't be able to sleep at night!"

I filed this bit of gossip in the back of my mind and hardly thought about it for almost twenty years. However, in 1988, and mostly because of what I had heard from Sarge, I did watch a TV special UFO Cover-up: Live.


When Bob Collins, a retired Air Force officer, offered to send me a copy of his Revised 2008 2nd edition of Exempt From Disclosure, I could hardly refuse.

Bob's timing could not have been better.

On a whim, I had been looking at the original "leaked" MJ-12 MAJIC TOP SECRET Eisenhower Briefing Document -- aka as MJ EBD -- an unconfirmed piece of work many (including the FBI) would declare as BOGUS. I was curious about the picture the MJ-12 documents were designed to paint in the reader's mind

What I found most curious about the MJ 'EBD' was the strange combination of markings and errors -- obscurity wrapped in obvious mistakes -- which suggested the possibility that there was more to this story than simple fabrication.

As it turns out, Bob Collins' book does paint the backdrop for a large part of the "rest of the story."

The revised Exempt from Disclosure strikes me as more coherent today than my (foggy) recollection of the original.

The new coherence is largely due to my own enhanced understanding of the stories behind the story, which I consider essential for anyone attempting to scale this particular mountain with any intention of finding a trail that leads to the top of the mystery.

(I ask that "UFO persons" steeped in the mythology have pity upon us newbies to the field -- those persons for whom this review is intended.)

An essential prerequisite to Bob's book is the 1988 national broadcast of "UFO Cover-up Live." Part of that broadcast includes two UFO "birds" from the AVIARY: FALCON and CONDOR.

Whereas the 1988 broadcast used the bird names to conceal the identity of these UFO sources, Bob's book opens up the back story to the so-called "bird droppings" and pushes the mystery with tidbits of fact, rumor, speculation, and conspiracy.

In a previous brief review I noted a "wealth of information" in Bob's book.

Bob's approach to the topic mixes fact with rumor, fantasy with speculation, and in the end leaves the uninitiated reader confused about what this journey is really all about.

I suspect that is exactly the purpose Collins had in mind.

You will not find an answer in Exempt from Disclosure.

Instead you will find a lot of unanswered questions waiting at the end of the road: questions I suspect that have haunted the author for years.

Collins' gift is to hand off the mystery to the reader, in hope that someone "out there" will pickup on the threads and track down the heart of the mystery.

I don't know if there is any one special trail to the top of this mountain, but the base is well worth exploring.

The book is divided into three main sections.

The first offers some background to the key persons involved in the "bird games" of the AVIARY, and the alleged MJ-12 group.

The second reviews some of the key intelligence persons alleged to have been involved, including CIA's Allen Dulles, James Jesus Angleton and Richard Helms.

The testimony of "contributor" Richard (Rick) Doty, a former AFOSI agent, provides most of the UFO-related information about the alleged alien visitors.
(It was Rick Doty's apparent 'behind the scenes' involvement that ultimately engaged CIA's Ron Pandolfi in the Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape affair, when concerns were raised about UFO-types and elicitation by foreign espionage with the intention of entering classified US government facilities.)

The final section concludes with a look at where the government may be keeping all of the ET technologies which many claim have been reversed engineered and incorporated into secret projects.

Along the way you will be treated to weird tales of alien ambassadors with a preference for strawberry ice cream and a human extraterrestrial exchange program.

I keep hearing Sarge in the back of my mind saying "If you knew the truth ..."

What are we to make of all of this?

In the end a "reality check" is necessary to put Collins' work in perspective.

We know for certain the government has an interest in exploiting weirdness for intelligence purposes. It's a matter of record found in numerous officially released documents dating back to World War Two.

Whereas "unauthenticated" documents (others would declare as "debunked" and "bogus") cannot be taken at face value, the true history of the American and British governments' fascination with parapsychology, UFO physics, and psychological warfare slowly trickles into public awareness in spite of serious resistance to the Freedom of Information.

It does not matter if the conspiracies and speculations are right or wrong.

Our government has been involved with UFOs in the past, persons in high-level government positions continue to express an interest, personal or otherwise, and intelligence agencies and their proxies in the private sector have been tasked to take advantage of phenomena outside of the mainstream experience.

To paraphrase my friend Sarge, after you read Exempt from Disclosure, you may not be able to sleep at night.

And if you are certain Bob Collins' book is nothing more than fantasy, keep in mind the old adage:
"The truth IS stranger than fiction."

Exempt from Disclosure is available at

For more about the government's paranormal efforts, and some of the Spy Games surrounding Bob Collins' book, see SPIES LIES and POLYGRAPH TAPE -- Knowing the Future: The UFO Spy Games Book.