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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The new film Apollo 18 claims to be 'found footage' of a covert mission to the moon. But if you're looking for the REAL paranormal activity in space, we have the story.
In 1998, CIA & DoD consultant Ingo Swann published drawings of what appeared to be an extraterrestrial outpost on the lunar surface. We ask an American astronaut who's been there and report on our own close encounter with some THING not of this Earth. Is there a reason we never went back?

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( -- There's Some THING on the Moon? Myths, fantasies, science fiction, and psychic spying claim a presence 'not of this Earth' on our nearest neighbor in space. Is there any truth underlying the new lunar alien conspiracy movie Apollo 18?
Not according to Dr, Edgar Mitchell, one of twelve men who walked on the Moon during the Apollo space program.
I asked Dr. Mitchell about Ingo Swann, one of the CIA's extraordinary human performance superstars in the 1970s, who once held a TOP SECRET security clearance and trained psychic spies for the military. In 1998, Swann self-published a small book about extraterrestrial visitors and his own personal encounters which began while he was working at the CIA-sponsored Stanford Research Institute on anomalous mental perceptions -- psychic remote viewing of targets in the Soviet Union. Swann and another CIA superstar, the late Pat Price, had somehow penetrated a super-secret NSA facility in West Virginia and produced classified information -- allegedly using only the powers of the mind.
Shortly after this, Swann was contacted by a mysterious "Mr. Axelrod" (a pseudonym) who had a target he needed to be 'remote viewed' -- typically this was done by providing coordinates of the location. When Swann agreed to have a look -- after being blind-folded with a bag over his head and strip searched and brought to a secret underground location -- he was shocked to discover the target was on the lunar surface, and there, before his mind's eye, were humanoid extraterrestrial beings staring right back at him, using the powers of their mind's eye. And according to Swann, whatever these beings represented, they appeared to have super-human powers of perception far beyond anything he had previously encountered.
For a time, Swann claims to have been frightened that the extraterrestrial intelligence he had encountered would track him down and come after him. Later Swann had an encounter with a beautiful female being in a Los Angeles grocery store, all while under the observation of Mr. Axelrod's men. And to top it off, Axelrod later told Swann, over a scrambled phone connection, that the female alien he had encountered was "really dangerous." Then, as if this wasn't enough to rattle Swann's state of mind, Axelrod flew him to an undisclosed location somewhere in Alaska to eye-witness an unidentified object floating over a lake. Having sensed Axelrod and his men, and the then very frightened Ingo Swann, the object fired at them with what can only be described as a powerful laser beam weapon. With tree limbs falling all around and on top of the men, they quickly took cover. Looking back, Swann watched as the unearthly object drew water from the lake into its belly -- and then it was gone.
So, with all of the set-up for a REAL Apollo 18 like story, I asked Dr. Mitchell, who is also well known for an interest in the nature of consciousness, what he thought about Swann's encounter stories.

When I contacted astronaut Mitchell, I naturally inquired if he knew anything about visitors inhabiting our nearest neighbor in space, noting that Kit Green, a former CIA analyst who consults to the US Defense Intelligence Agency on emerging technology threats, had come forward about government contact with alleged extraterrestrial biological entities (see Mark Pilkington's book Mirage Men and my own Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape for further information on the alleged alien presence).
"Very suspicious of Ingo's claims about black ops and aliens on the moon," emailed Mitchell, who then added, "It is certainly possible and even likely that ETs have had operations on and around the moon, but nothing that we (NASA astronauts) have seen and reported."
This was not exactly what lunar conspiracy theorists wanted to hear, but at least Mitchell left the door open for otherworldly possibilities.

During the Apollo 14 mission to the Moon, Mitchell conducted unauthorized ESP tests. Later he founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences to explore the nature of human consciousness. He has also reported on very strange, seemingly psychokinetic events in his book, The Way of the Explorer, so I asked if he was aware of recent revelations that former NSA Senior Official Thomas Drake had been experimenting with Chris Robinson, a psychic spy from England.

Mitchell replied that he was unaware of Drake's involvement in the psychic spy business, but then he threw me a curve ball.

"I know of quite a few credible stories of ET communication with earthlings."

Were some of our fellow space travelers on this island Earth tapped into the cosmic version of Facebook, I wondered? Ingo Swann had more or less suggested this possibility in his book back in 1998, when he noted the lunar alien presence seemed to use a kind of "telepathy plus" version of mental communication. It was this super-telepathy that had so frightened Swann. Since any ultra-advanced extraterrestrial intelligence would almost certainly have developed some form of (artificial?) mind-to-mind communication system, I certainly couldn't dismiss Swann's claim in my own mind.

I knew from US government files that in the 1990s, elements within the Department of Defense were exploring the possibility of using telepathy for battlefield communications. A source to Jon Ronson for his book The Men Who Stare at Goats had relayed the same story.

Another astronaut, the late Gordon Cooper, also related stories of an associate who had "telepathic" contact with sources from beyond the Earth. Cooper allegedly provided technical information concerning space shuttle design flaws sourced from a telepathic alien contact.

I wondered if Mitchell suspected a covert extraterrestrial alien presence among us.

"I suspect they are walking among us," wrote Mitchell, adding, "There seemingly is a global cabal trying to keep the wraps on the ET presence for their own reasons (profit?), but it is starting to unravel and will likely come apart before long."

A global cabal? Secretly receiving their instructions by telepathic messages from the great beyond?

And what of the story of telepathic contact at space entrepreneur Bob Bigelow's Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, where a physicist was allegedly held captive in a telepathic trance by unknown intelligent entities?

Perhaps the answer would be found in the alleged NSA paranormal program. One NSA source, allegedly working within the project, claimed that NSA operatives had been blocked in their effort by extraterrestrial interference from an unknown source.
It did seem we had crossed the line from the nuts-and-bolts hard science of lunar explorations and space travel into the often nuts-and-more-nuts realm of paranormal activity.
And the trailer for Apollo 18 appeared to do the same.
At this point I was left pondering the possibility, no matter how slim, of a covert extraterrestrial presence, both on the Moon, and here on the Earth.
Fortunately, I had more -- if purely subjective -- evidence to consider.
Following after Ingo Swann, a private paranormal investigation had gone "to the moon and back, again."
In early August of 2006, an informal private experiment was conducted against the alleged extraterrestrial presence on the moon, involving persons familiar with Swann's tale. The names of those involved have been withheld, due to an agreement to maintain confidentiality.

An experienced "phenomenologist" familiar with a variety of paranormal activity, initiated an attempt to recreate Swann's psychic perception, from somewhere in Europe.

The European psychic observer focused on "the dark side of the moon," an allusion to the far lunar surface and regions hidden by lunar shadows.

This person reported achieving "an out of body" experience of being surrounded by grayish shapes -- shadow beings -- among other unrelated images, which then invoked intense feelings of anger.

Another party, acting as an "outside objective observer," was located somewhere on the North American continent.

The American "control subject" was initially unaware that the above experiment, which had been informally proposed, was actually taking place.

Within a few hours of the European attempt to recreate Ingo Swann's remote viewing of the moon, the America "control subject" reported an odd experience.

Recalling a feeling of an unexplained "intense anger" at the periphery of an ordinary dream, the American reported a transition to an unusually lucid dream-like state:

"Last night, in the midst of an ordinary but vivid dream, I was 'awakened' to find myself in the midst of a 'visitor-like' experience -- there was a ball of twisting three-dimensional images, shifting and changing, of ordinary human scenes. Think of a snake-ball, or something like tentacles of light wrapped around each other. Each tentacle was a three-dimensional image or recording of a scene of human activity. One scene appeared to be viewing an operating room from overhead. I also sensed grayish figures; featureless stick-men or shadows, around the ball -- fully formed but fleeting -- [the images] passed through each other. I opened my eyes to check out the room, which was normal, so I assumed this was purely a mental phenomena. When I closed my eyes I was able to return to the images. This was nothing like an ordinary dream ... notable was the twisting of the images around each other, and the shadow beings surrounding the image. I sensed ... they were empty or void of emotion and intellectual response. I do not believe they were 'real' but were a different layer of image. My impression ... something quite different from the human mind was attempting to find a 'translation' into human language, and had resorted to the imagery. Unfortunately, the rate of processing of images and meaning was not compatible with my perception / mental process."

As intriguing as subjective reports may be, and this includes those from Swann and other government-funded experts in the field, there remains little on-the-record evidence to support the idea of an external intelligence behind the phenomena.

One expert described this odd dream-like visual information as originating with limbic circuit stimulation, involving hypnogogic imagery, which is sometimes reported at the onset of sleep.

The source explained that "the information is real, not imagination -- the circuits involve prefrontal cortex, and thus are not traditional memory traces from the hippocampus."

Apparently the source of these "real signals" remains something of a mystery.

Is this evidence of an extraterrestrial agent in human form?

In other words, at the end of the day, is the extraterrestrial source already encoded inside of the human species?

Are some of us, at least some of the time, literally "alien avatars," walking amongst the human species, unnoticed?

Is it possible, as was suggested by Paul Davies at the Royal Society, that once upon a time, alien nano-probes "inserted messages" into the genomes of Earth's biological entities?

Are these ghostly nocturnal encounters, along with their cousins, "anomalous mental phenomena," which have been extensively studied the government, an ancient message to the human race, encoded directly into our subjective experience of the world?
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