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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ritual Deaths

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Yesterday , there were several deaths that were all related to politics and media. Notice the ages of the people involved:
Kara Kennedy, daughter of the late Senator Ted Kennedy. She was 51 years old. She had beaten lung cancer and then died of a heart attack after doing her work-out for the day. She was a film-maker and TV producer.
Eleanor Mondale, daughter of the former Vice President, Walter Mondale. She was 51 years old and died after a battle with brain cancer. She was a radio host and a TV reporter.
Senator Charles Percy died at the age of 91. His daughter, Sharon, is married to Senator Jay Rockefeller. Sharon had a twin who was mysteriously murdered at 21 years old. That crime has never been solved.
Sen. Rockefeller is from West Virginia. On the same day of Senator Percy’s death, a plane crashed at an air show in West Virginia. Coincidence? Another plane crashed at an air show in Nevada, killing 9 people.
The number “51″ is the end of a series of cycles, numerologically. The number “91″ is a double new beginning. So, we have endings and beginnings symbolized in these deaths. Again, all connected to politics and media.
The number “9″ is the end of a cycle. The plane that crashed in West Virginia was a T-28. The number “28″ is the start of a double new beginning frequency. These numbers keep coming up over and over. It cannot be a coincidence.
All of these incidences show that the Illuminati are ending something and starting a new phase. This new phase will have to do with a political event and a media event. Watch the news very carefully before the end of this month. September, being a “9″, is also representative of an end of a cycle. This comes right before October, a “10″ month, which is the start of a double new beginning.
These deaths and crashes very clearly demonstrate how the Illuminati use numbers symbolically to enhance events that they seek to perpetrate on the public. Should be an interesting couple of weeks ahead.