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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Controlled Offensive Behavior

Controlled Offensive Behavior — USSR (U)
Prepared by U.S. Army Office of the Surgeon General Medical Intelligence Report
July 1972
Controlled offensive behavior as defined within the scope of this report includes Soviet research on human vulnerability as it applies to methods of influencing or altering human behavior. There is an ever increasing amount of information emanating from the USSR (samizdat or underground press) that suggests that certain authoritarian institutions in the USSR are engaged in the practice of "mental reorientation" of numerous individuals who are classed as political dissenters.
The "mental reorientation" is being accomplished through various means including confinement, isolation and psychopharmaceutical administration. This treatment of so-called insane individuals is causing alarm among an international cross section of psychiatrists. The literature contains sufficient data on human mental manipulation and, therefore, "warrants surveillance by interested parties. It appears that the USSR stresses physical and medical "treatment" of its political detainees under the guise of psychiatric care rehabilitation.
The Soviet Union is well aware of the benefits and applications of parapsychology research. The term parapsychology denotes a multi-disciplinary field consisting of the sciences of bionics, biophysics,psychophysics, psychology, physiology and nenropsychiatry. Many scientists, US and Soviet, feel that parapsychology can be harnessed to create conditions where one can alter or manipulate the minds of others. The major impetus behind the Soviet drive to harness the possible capabilities of telepathic communication, telekinetics, and bionics are said to come from the Soviet military and the KGB.